Node-RED Dashboard – Enterprise 2-Channel Counter

In this article we’ll configure a dashboard for monitoring traffic through, and the capacity vs. occupancy of, a room. To set this up, we’ll be adding a 2-Channel Counter to our wireless sensor network (WSN), if this is your first sensor that’s ok too, I’ll cover the extremely short setup instructions for the WSN in the next section! If you don’t happen to have a convention center with turnstiles set up for testing, that’s also not a problem! Not to give away company secrets, but I’m using a couple of momentary buttons to build out the application on my desk since my boss wouldn’t spring for the optical turnstiles I asked for.

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Wireless Enterprise Line Sensors

Configuring the Wireless Enterprise Line with Node-RED

In this tutorial I am going to give you a brief example of how to configure your Wireless Enterprise Line of sensors using our ncd-red-wireless Node-RED package. Some of our sensors have special configuration options that I will be covering as I build other tutorials, so if you have a sensor with options you need help with that isn’t listed here, please feel free to let us know on our Node-RED Community topic and I will get this updated as quickly as I can!

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Node-Red Dashboard

Node-RED Reference

This is intended as a companion to our Node-RED tutorials and examples. In it we will define some of the terms and functionality we frequently use, and delve a little deeper into what some of the nodes are capable of. If we’ve used a term, or a node, in an article you would like more information on, let us know on our forum, we usually answer quickly, and I will get the answer added here so everyone else can benefit!

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