How To Upload Profile in Digmesh Radio

How to Upload Digimesh Profile in Wireless Radio wireless enterprise product use Digimesh radio and these radio has a profile. This profile contains info like Baudrate, Network Key, Encryption key etc. The profile can be loading using XCTU tool provided by 

1. Download and Install XCTU

XCTU can be downloaded using this link

After installing the XCTU open the XCTU application



2. Install the wireless module in the Zigmo( USB to Serial Converter)

We recommend this board.

If you have a USB modem or New Ethernet Modem You can use it as well. 

If you have a USB-Wireless modem like this you can use it as well. 

Remove the wireless module from the sensor and install in the Zigmo. 

After installing the module connect the Zigmo with PC though USB.

3. Upload Profile In the wireless module

A. Open the port

B. Select Serial Port

After selecting correct port click finish. The XCTU will start talking to the wireless module. It might ask for resting the module. if it does press the reset button on the Zigmo.


C. Select the radio on left side. Once radio is selected, XCTU  will start reading the module current settings. 

D. Download the wireless module profiles from here

E. Click Profile and Select Load Configuration Profile

If you are planning to use this module in a wireless sensor then select Sensor_Xbee_EY_Enable profile and if you are planning to use this with a Modem than select PC_Xbee_EY_Enable profile.

F. After selecting the correct profile click Write and XCTU will upload the new profile in the wireelss module

Once its done writing the settings you can remove the module and install it back into the sensor or the modem.




Slow Data Rate For Longer Wireless Range (Danger Zone)


The S3B module supports 10Kbps and 250Kbps RF data rate.

Indoor/Urban Range*10 Kbps: up to 2000 ft (610 m); 200 Kbps: up to 1000 ft (305 m)
Outdoor/ Line-Of-Sight Range*10 Kbps: up to 9 miles (14 km); 200 Kbps: up to 4 miles (6.5 km) 

A. Click Update in the XCTU

B. Select XBP9B-DP as prodcut family, Xbee PRO 900HP 10K as Function Set and 1075 as Frimware.

Make sure the Force Module checkbox is checked. 

Click Update. 

Sensor And Modem Should have 

  1. Identical Network ID
  2. Identical Encryption Key
  3. Identical RF data Rate

If there is a mismatch in settings the modem and sensor will not communicate with each other.


Change Encryption Key

After connecting the wireless module to XCTU go to security setting and enter the new encryption key. 

Follow Step 1,2,3A,3B,3C and skip 3D,3E,3F.

After entering the new key click on write button to store the new key.  Once the key is store the module can be disconnected and put bank into its original board. 


Serial Terminal

Serial Console can be used to view incoming RF data.

  1. Connect the USB modem to PC and open it in XCTU

2. Click Console

3. Open Serial terminal Port


Disable Sleep Mode

  1. Open The radio module settings in XCTU
  2. Go to Sleep command section
  3. Change Sleep mode to Normal from Async Pin Sleep