Customized Products Designed For You

NCD is a custom manufacturer offering a full-spectrum design service including white-labeled products such as boards & customized enclosures with the option of full-color printing of your company logo.

Let our 20+ years of IoT experience create a solution for you!

NCD Custom IoT Design Service

With more than 20 years of experience in electronics design and

manufacturing, NCD’s engineers can build a customized solution for

you based on the designs you see on our website. We can combine

devices onto a single board to meet your exact needs with many

advantages such as reduced wiring, easy installation, smaller size,

less power consumption, and an overall reduction in production cost.

Overall Benefits

NCD will help you custom tailor a product to fit your exact need

Custom IoT Electronics

We can create fully customized solutions for specific applications based on our preexisting designs consolidated in one package.

Custom Board Design

A perfect solution with easy installation, reduced wiring, smaller size, less power consumption and lower production cost.

Custom Enclosures

Find the right fit from our selection of enclosures. From indoor to outdoor, ventilated to IP65, plastic or aluminum we have you covered.

Custom Printing

Company branding on the boards as well as full color printing of your company logo printed on the enclosure.


We stay in constant communication with you throughout the entire design and manufacturing process.

Buy With Confidence

As an American manufacturer we are here to support the products we make.

Designer-Client Communication

NCD’s engineers stay in communication with you throughout the entire design process to insure accuracy and bring to fruition exactly what you have in mind.


















Trusted by Industry Leaders

As a United States manufacturer we are here to support the products we make. We design, assemble, test, and package top-quality IoT hardware for our clients worldwide and we stand behind that quality with integrity.

“I normally don’t respond to ‘survey’ type questions.  However, I was so pleased with the performance of your product I felt I should respond.

Our original plan was to install a PLC and Panelview for remote operation of a gate. Plan “B” was to use your Relay Controllers.  We installed your Relay Controllers last week and everything worked as expected.  We probably saved $10K using your devices.”

“The NCD Enterprise line of sensors has been great to work with. The ease of installation of both the Gateways and the sensors themselves has helped us deploy quickly to customer locations.

The all-in-one maintenance sensor is great for tracking multiple performance parameters on machinery. Vibration, Temperature and Amperage, can each alone find fault, and when considered together start to form a powerful picture of what is happening with an Asset.”

“Your relays are a great product. They are dependable and last long in all temperatures. We have been using them for over 4 years and we have not seen a single one fail. We do have one issue to report.”

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