"Forum First" Policy

We Promise Speed!

It is the policy of NCD to handle all support requests via our forum as our top priority.  By posting on our forum, you will access our entire group of engineers.  Response times are typically 5 minutes or less during our regular business hours.  When possible, we also respond to forum posts in the evenings and weekends.  It is not unusual for multiple engineers to respond with different ideas and perspectives, as we each have a different area of expertise.

Help Us Control Costs

Phone support requests must be handled by a qualified engineer.  Most support requests require our engineers to recite information that is clearly available on our web site.  Please help us save time and control the cost of our products.  If you have questions, please read, post on the forum, and use our phone support as a last resort.  It is not uncommon for our best engineers to spend all day on the phone, and we need our best engineers to design new products.  You can help our small company control costs.  Please use our forum whenever possible.