Product Reference: 430616

Industrial IoT Wireless High Resolution 4-20mA Receiver Product Manual

Features Industrial Grade 1 Channel 16 bit ADC 4-20mA Reveiver  15 bit 4-20mA Resolution ±0.68uA Absolute Accuracy Auto ADC sample transmission or on analog voltage change detection periodically (configurable duration in both cases) Configurable Analog voltage change detection percentage 1-Mile Range with 2.4GHz or 2 Mile Range with 900MHz On-Board Antenna Superior LOS Range of up to 28 miles with 900MHz High-Gain Antennas Interface to Raspberry Pi, Microsoft Azure, Arduino and More Example Software for Visual Studio and LabVIEW Wireless Mesh Networking using DigiMesh® Open Communication Protocol for custom interfacing applications Configuration mode for Sensor and X-bee Settings Factory Default

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