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Node-Red Dashboard

Node-RED and the Wireless Enterprise Line

Code-Free Programming If you’ve been following our recent forays into the latest of IoT, you are probably already familiar with Node-Red. If you haven’t, you’re in for a treat! In short, Node-Red is a visual flow builder that was developed with IoT in mind, you can think of it as a way to build a program without actually writing any code. In this article, we’re going to focus on our node-red-wireless package that we use to integrate our Wireless Enterprise Line into this amazing framework. If you are new to our Enterprise line of Wireless Sensors, check out the intro

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Wireless Vibration Sensor

IoT Wireless Vibration Sensor Product Manual

OverviewFeaturesApplicationsDescriptionGetting StartedResources RequiredStepsTroubleshootingChanged/Unknown setting at sensor endChanged/Unknown setting at PC endModes of OperationMode Selection ProcessFrame Communication at Power upRun ModeConfiguration ModeAppendix AConfiguration Commands1. Set Broadcast Transmission2. Set ID and Delay3. Set Destination Address4. Set Power5. Set PANID6. Set Retries7. Read Delay8. Read Power9. Read Retries10. Read Destination Address11. Read PANID12. Enable Encryption13. Disable Encryption14. Set Encryption KeyAppendix BFrame Checksum CalculationOverview Features Industrial Grade 3-axis Vibration Sensor with RMS, MAX and MIN acceleration in g Vibration Range ±16g Noise Removal using Low pass filter Frequency Range 0.1 to 408 Hz (Bandwidth: 408 Hz) Sampling Rate up to 952 Hz Builtin Offset

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