So in our original IFTTT guide we showed you how to turn on a relay when an email was received indicating that Timmy had fallen down the well again.  Well as we saw that can take a long time to trigger due to IFTTT only checking your gmail account every 15 minutes or so.  Well what if we want to alert the proper authorities a bit faster about this horrible event and call for help.  That is what IFTTT DO recopies are for.  You will notice when you create a recipe on IFTTT you select IF or DO.  Well this is going to be a DO recipe.  In order to use this you should have the IFTTT DO app installed on your Android or iOS device so go to the app store and search for IFTTT DO and lets get started.

Add the Recipe

Open the newly installed DO Button app on your phone.  All of our configuration will be done right here.  No need to open the IFTTT site at all.  If you get lost in the instructions below be sure to watch the video to the right, it will provide a visual step by step reference to what we are doing.

Step 1.  Click the Add Recipe button button if prompted.

Step 2.  Click the + button to add a new Recipe

Step 3.  Swipe left twice to bring up the Channels Tab/View, or just tap the channels tab at the top of the screen.  If the Particle channel is not viewable type Particle into the search to bring it up, then select the Particle channel.

Step 4.  Click the Create a New Recipe button.

Step 5.  For this Recipe we want to call a function on the module so click the “Call a function” button.

Step 6.   Enter a name for the button at the top.  I recommend keeping it short like “1 ON” since we will be turning on relay 1.  Then select the function to call which should be  “controlRelay on ‘Your module name’ “.  Now we need to enter the argument to pass to the controller.  We want to turn on relay 1 so we will pass “1on” as the Function Input.  These commands are outlined in the Relay Commands guide.

After clicking the Add button you should be taken to a view where you can click the button to test it out.  If needed you can edit this Do recipe here or on IFTTT.com  Keep in mind Do Recipes can be added through IFTTT.com if you wish rather than through the app.  To access your newly created button you need to open the app.