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ProXR Quick Start Guide

ProXR is a standard set of relay control commands that allow users to control relays by sending bytes of data.

endNode Command Set – USB Wireless I2C Port

ApplicationsLimitless ExpansionIntegrated SimplicityHigh-Level CommandsLow-Level CommandsProXR EnterpriseFRAM IntegrationMacrosAlpha StationEssential Getting Started TipsSending Your First CommandTest 2-Way CommunicationsUsing the API CalculatorI2C Command

LabVIEW Relay Timer Operation

LabVIEW Relay Timer Operation In This Guide we will learn how to setup LabVIEW Relay Timer Operation, Pulse activated relay

Digital Potentiometer Quick Start Guide

Introduction NCD Digital Potentiometer devices allow software control of up to 256 channels of 8-bit digital potentiometers.  NCD manufactures many