Wireless Chemical and Gas Sensors for Environmental Monitoring

Our gas and chemical sensors ensure real-time, accurate data for environmental compliance. Monitor and optimize crucial parameters like pH, ORP, CO2 levels, electrical conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and tank levels. Receive instant notifications when abnormalities are detected, allowing proactive response and preventing potential issues.

Wireless Chemical and Gas Sensors

Featuring high-resolution pH and ORP probes, our wireless pH sensors allow customizable liquid pH and ORP sampling intervals. Results are transmitted to remote modems and gateways. This sensor type precisely measures acidity and alkalinity in water and solutions, ensuring accurate data for optimal control in diverse applications, from industrial processes to laboratory analyses.

Our probe, designed for prolonged submersion, ensures consistent liquid monitoring throughout its lifespan. It incorporates a high-resolution ORP probe, sampling at user-defined intervals and transmitting results to remote modems. The Wireless ORP and Temperature Sensor features a built-in temperature sensor, enhancing precision in data collection for comprehensive monitoring and control.

Sample and process temperature, pressure, humidity, and gas resistance. Capable of collecting comprehensive environmental data, these sensors transmit information to a gateway or modem up to 2 miles away. Trust our sensors for accurate, remote monitoring, ensuring safety and efficiency in various applications.
Equipped with integrated temperature and humidity sensors, deliver accurate CO2 concentration, temperature, and humidity data at user-defined intervals. Utilizing NDIR technology for CO2 detection, it ensures unparalleled measurement accuracy, complemented by advanced algorithms compensating for external heat sources, eliminating the need for extra components.
Feature high-resolution Electrical Conductivity probes, sampling liquid Electrical Conductivity (EC) levels at user-defined intervals. Transmitting results to remote modems and gateways, these sensors ensure accurate data. Additionally, the built-in temperature sensor provides temperature readings alongside EC data, offering comprehensive monitoring for various applications.
Our wireless Dissolved Oxygen Sensors boast a high-resolution DO probe, sampling liquid DO levels at user-defined intervals and transmitting results to remote modems and gateways. The DO probe includes a built-in temperature sensor, providing simultaneous temperature readings with precise DO data for comprehensive monitoring in diverse applications.

Useful IoT Wireless Sensor Applications by Industry

With the broadest selection of sensors for remote monitoring in the IoT, NCD’s offers solutions that cover all types of industry applications. Find yours below and see how NCD can help keep you in the know.

Need a customized solution? We specialize in creating sensors tailored to your unique needs and requirements. Let’s innovate together – your challenges, our expertise. Contact us now!

Why Many Trust NCD?

Reliable. Innovative. Proven.

Unmatched Range​

Unmatched Range

Effortlessly monitor your equipment and operations from a distance with an impressive range of up to 2 miles ensuring accurate data collection without compromise.

Extended Battery Life​

Extended Battery Life

Rely on our sensors, engineered with an impressive battery life of up to 10 years, to consistently deliver crucial data without the need for frequent battery replacements.

Proven Experience​

Proven Experience

With 26 years of exceptional IoT device provision and a proven track record of trusted partnerships, NCD stands at the forefront, offering a wealth of experience and a commitment to delivering reliable, innovative solutions for your monitoring needs.

Wide Selection​

Wide Selection

Choose from our extensive portfolio of over 100 sensors, providing a comprehensive range from pH sensors to soil moisture sensors, ensuring optimal performance by monitoring various parameters and offering the right solution for every agriculture need.

Cloud Agnostic​

Cloud Agnostic

Seamlessly operate across diverse cloud platforms. Embrace true flexibility with our cloud agnostic solutions. No vendor lock-in. Unlimited possibilities.

No Monthly Costs​

No Monthly Costs

Harness data-driven decisions without ongoing expenses. Seize the future of connectivity while eliminating the weight of monthly charges. Your data, your way, effortlessly.

5-Year Warranty​

5-Year Warranty

Leverage our sensors and devices backed by a robust 5-year warranty, embracing enduring reliability and quality, as we stand committed to safeguarding your investment.

Made in the US​

Made in the US

Experience exceptional American-made excellence, innovation, and quality craftsmanship while supporting local production and enjoying top-tier technology.