ZigBee Relays


ZigBee Mesh Relays are a powerful wireless mesh solution to your relay control needs.

  • Compatible with ZigBee compliant hardware
  • Wireless Meshing Communications
  • Configurable and Securable Wireless Communications
  • Powerful Industrial Wireless Technology
  • Mesh capabilities make your wireless networks more reliable
  • The 1-Mile Range is recommended for reliability.
    • 300 ft. range is available on some Series
  • Recommended for advanced users only

Our ZigBee Relays

We have a full line of Ethernet compatible controllers to suit nearly any application, and our ethernet modules come with a long history of proven stability. Customize your project with exactly the options you need, whether that means General Purpose, High Power or Signal Switching, we have you covered with our SPDT, DPDT, and SPST Relays. The versatility of our ethernet relay controllers ensures an easy and reliable solution to whatever your switching needs.

Why Choose NCD?

With NCD you know you have a proven reliable, easy to use, and extensible product. This means you don’t have to spend valuable time researching how to jig-saw pieces of your project together to get them to work cohesively. Being manufactured in the U.S.A. you know you’ll get good support and a quality product. NCD also ensures you won’t have to put any time into soldering or building a PCB, just pick your boards and power them up. Just knowing that every sensor, relay controller, and component is built around the same concept will save you guess work on how well software will work with any board.

How It Works

ZigBee Relays are a very powerful industrial control wireless communication option. If a device is out of range of a coordinator/modem, but still in range of another ZigBee device it can use that intermediary device to hop data to the coordinator. This expands the range and reliability of ZigBee applications greatly. It also means that ZigBee applications will only get more reliable when you add more ZigBee devices. Whether at home or at a factory ZigBee is a communication standard for good reason.

ZigBee Modules

Our Relay Controllers have the option of using ZigBee Modules. We source these modules from DigiKey to ensure the broadest compatibility and reliability. These modules can be configured to be encrypted, to be on individual wireless “networks” (using a pan ID), as well as many other options. Make your wireless network your way with a simple click through user interface.