Deploy FlowFuse on Industrial IIoT with NCD.io

In this webinar, we focus on how integrating Node-Red and robust hardware from NCD.io forms a powerful solution for system integrators and developers in the industrial sector.

JOIN US LIVE ON 29th May, 2024
 11:00 AM ET
(Eastern Time)

Duration: 60 Minutes

Why Should You Join this Webinar?

Advancing Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions involves complex setups, scalability, and security challenges. Operational technology networks are often isolated to protect critical data.

FlowFuse and NCD.io’s Enterprise IIoT Gateway enable safe, reliable data access from sources like wind turbines, cooling towers, maritime, and tank farms.

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Overcome traditional IIoT challenges: Complex setups, scalability issues, and security concerns

Live Demo

Live demo on how to leverage FlowFuse and NCD.io for secure and efficient data access

Industry Experts

Gain insights from industry experts: Grey Dziuba (FlowFuse) and Travis Elliot (NCD.io)

Best Practices

Discover best practices for integrating these technologies into your existing infrastructure

What You'll Learn

  • Streamlining IIoT deployments with Node-RED and NCD.io

  • Enhancing security and scalability of your IIoT systems with FlowFuse

  • Using real-world examples to visualize data and manage devices 


Who Should Attend to this Webinar?


Engineers working on Industrial IoT projects

System Integrators

System integrators seeking efficient IIoT solutions


Decision-makers in manufacturing and industrial sectors

Learn from Industry Experts

Grey Dziuba

Grey Dziuba

OT Data and Community Strategist at FlowFuse

Travis Elliot

COO of NCD.io


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