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Unable to Mount Virtual COM Port in Windows 10

If you are using Windows 10 and having problems getting a Virtual COM Port to be assigned to your system, follow these steps.  We recently discovered after a Windows 10 Update, that Virtual COM Port drivers may not load any-longer by default for some devices. If you are unable to use Base Station or AnyI2C software because the COM port is not showing up, here’s an easy fix:

Step 1: Open Device Manager

Move your Mouse pointer to the lower left corner of the screen and type “Device Manager”.  Click on the “Device Manager” as shown in Blue in the screenshot below.

Step 2: Examine the USB to Serial Converter Settings

With your USB device plugged in, Expand the “Universal Serial Bus controllers” list to reveal “USB Serial Converter”.  Right click on “USB Serial Converter” and select “Properties”.

Step 3: Load the VCP Driver

After opening the Properties for the device, click on the “Advanced” tab and MAKE SURE the “Load VCP” option is checked.  Once checked, click OK.

Step 4: Reconnect your USB Device

Disconnect the USB device and reconnect.  The device should now be visible to your operating system.

If all goes well, your Virtual COM Port Driver will be loaded and ready to run.  Now re-run Base Station Software ( and your Virtual Serial Device should appear.  This should also allow COM devices to list properly in AnyI2C software. and ControlEverything Site Migration Notes

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