NCD Manufactures many product series that focus on sensor monitoring and relay control applications.  Learn more about each series by clicking on the series items below.

Analog to Digital Conversion allows you to read voltage levels from 0-5 volts using 8-bit or 12-bit resolution. This is particularly useful for reading temperature sensors (one temperature sensor is built into the board, shared with analog input number 8).  A/D Inputs are also useful for reading light level sensors, thermocouples, switch closures, or just about any other kind of sensor you can think of. Built-In Pull-Up/Down Resistors keep the inputs quiet.

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Current monitoring has never been easier, or more accurate using XB2x series current monitoring controllers. The XB2x series includes off-board or on-board current sensing, designed to safely clamp over a single high-current wire for current consumption measurement applications.

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Enterprise Sensors make it easy to collect real-world sensory data and upload to a local computer or to any cloud platform.  NCD enterprise sensors are low-power with a long battery life.  Connect to Amazon AWS IoT, MQTT, Ubidots IoT, Microsoft Azure, and more.

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Fusion 4 Series Controllers are the most powerful relay controllers we currently manufacture. Capable of controlling relays from a computer, sensor readings, or a time schedule, Fusion 4 controllers can be used to automate just about any application. Choose a controller based on the quantity and power rating of relays your application requires.

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Fusion Controllers know how to expand. Easily add Analog to Digital Converters, Contact Closure detectors, I2C devices, and a wide variety of sensors to meet your application objectives. The FXR Expansion Port allows you to also add expansion boards and control up to 256 relays.

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Leverage the power of and Particle services to do almost anything.  Send a tweet if someone rings your doorbell, send a notification to your phone if someone opens a door, turn on almost anything right from your phone with simple setup, the possibilities are endless.  NCD provides this controller with a pre-programmed Particle Photon module for easy connection to IFTTT.  No programming required!  Just use the simple IFTTT interface to setup your different configurations.

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Use a Key Fob to control any device with an XBee Socket. Simply replace your existing communication module with the KFX Receiver for instant long-range hand-held remote control.

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Legacy devices have been around for a long time and have been replaced with new devices. We still offer them as existing customers and they are still useful for a few niche applications.

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The MirC Product Line Consist of TWO Controllers, Offering Contact Closure Inputs in One Location that Control Relays in a Remote Location. Sold in Pairs ONLY.

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MirM controllers allow contact closure inputs to control relays in multiple remote locations. The sender board uses contact closure inputs to control relays on up to 24 receiver boards.

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MirW Controllers allow Wireless Switches Installed in Multiple Locations to Control Relays Installed in One Location.

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The MirX Product Line Consist of TWO Controllers, Offering Contact Closures and Relays on Each Controller. Each Controller Remotely Controls the Other. Sold in Pairs ONLY.

Our MirX Network Relay Controllers give an easy to use and seamless point to point control over a Network or Internet connection

Our MirX Wireless Relay Controllers give an easy to use and seamless point to point control over a long range wireless network

Our MirX Wired Relay Controllers give an easy to use and seamless point to point control over an extremely reliable wired interface

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The ProXR Series Controller allow computers to read contact closure inputs, analog to digital converters and control up to 256 Relays using a single computer interface.

Above we show the capabilities of our ProXR Bluetooth Relay Controllers. These also work with Android Devices

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Above we show the wireless capabilities of our ProXR 802.15.4 and 900HP-S3B Wireless Relay Controllers

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Above we show the wireless power of our ProXR WiFi Relay Controllers. WiFi is a strong choice for Internet or Network Control

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Above we show the capabilities of our ProXR Ethernet Relay Controllers. Ethernet is a strong communication option for reliable network and internet control.

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Above we show the capabilities of our ProXR Web-i Relay Controllers. The Web-i offers a web interface for relay control and sensor monitoring.

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These Expansion Devices are compatible with our ProXR Series Controller. ProXR has two different expansion Ports in XR for Relays and UXP for Contact Closure and ADC Expansions.

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The ProXR Lite product line allows computers to read up to 8 analog inputs and control up to 8 relays.

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Flip a switch and send a SMS Text Message. Push a Button and Send an email. Trip a sensor and send a message to a server to do just about anything you want… from anywhere in the world. Push Notification series controllers send messages from real-world electronics to computers and servers.

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Activate Relays and Events when Sensors Reach specified Limits. Use a Computer to Setup the Reactor, then Let the Reactor Work by itself. Manual computer control optional.

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Contact Closure Inputs let you monitor sensors that output a high or low signal such as a light switch or motion detector from a computer, phone, or tablet.

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Time Schedule Activated Relays with Computer Interface. No computer required after initial configuration. Control Relays from Anywhere in the World using a Computer if needed.

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