RS-232 Relay Controllers


RS-232 Relays are the ultimate in reliability. There is a reason Serial Communications are still around after 50 years and that is because they’re basically bulletproof.

  • Reliable Sturdy Design
  • 5 Year Repair/Replace Warranty
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Choice of Connector
    • DB9 Connector
    • Screw Terminal Connector
    • Of-Board DB9 Connector
  • Connects to Any Available COM Port
  • Base Station Software Included
    • Point & Click Interface
    • Use to Connect Tto Board
    • Read Sensor Levels
      • Read Status of Relays
      • Manually Trigger Relays
  • Program in any language

Our RS-232 Relay Controllers

Our industrial grade relay controllers all come equipped with a swappable communication interface. Simply select the relay controller you want and select a Serial module when you add it to your cart.  Our Serial Relay Controllers are the simplest and most reliable way to control electronics. Connect the RS-232 Module on the board to your computer or ECM. You can do this using a standard Serial Port or you can use a Serial to USB converter. Once its connected you can simply open a Serial Port (COM Port on Windows) and start 2-way communications.

RS-232 Relay General Purpose Family Serial Relay
RS-232 Relays for General Purpose Switching
RS-232 Relay High-Power Family Serial Relay
RS-232 Relays for High-Power Switching
RS-232 Relay Solid-State Serial Relay
RS-232 Relays for Solid-State Switching

Other Serial Relay Controllers

NCD Offers a wide range of Relay Controllers that may be equipped with s serial interface.  ProXR, ProXR Lite, Fustion, Taralist, and Reactor are all capable of serial communications.  Each NCD controller has a specific focus.  NCD offers a modular interface, allowing users to change the serial interface to other communications technologies if necessary.  We do not believe in obsolete hardware!  NCD products are fully upgradable!

Why Choose NCD?

With NCD you know you have a proven reliable, easy to use, and extensible product. This means you don’t have to spend valuable time researching how to jig-saw pieces of your project together to get them to work cohesively. Being manufactured in the U.S.A. you know you’ll get good support and a quality product. NCD also ensures you won’t have to put any time into soldering or building a PCB, just pick your boards and power them up. Just knowing that every sensor, relay controller, and component is built around the same concept will save you guess work on how well software will work with any board.

How It Works

Serial Relays are remarkably simple to use. Plug them into your computer and open a COM Port. Then just send your monitoring and control commands as outlined in the documentation for whichever device you use. Get started using our Free Base Station Software.  Base Station makes it easy to click a few buttons and start controlling relays in seconds without programming!

Serial Modules

We have three basic Serial Module options.

The first is a standard DB-9 connector. This connector is what comes to mind when you think of a Serial Connector.

The second is a 3-Wire Terminator. This interface is a simple 3 -Wire terminator for you Serial RX, TX, and GND. Recommended only for advanced users.

The third option is an off-board DB-9 connector. This allows more flexibility in placing the DB-9 connector in an enclosure.