Thank you for your inquiry into NCD resale pricing.  Before addressing the discount rates, please make sure you meet the following qualifications:

  1. System Integrators do not qualify as distributors under any circumstances.  Integrators receive quantity discounts instead, and in many cases, quantity pricing is more aggressive than distributor pricing as it allows our manufacturing team to focus on quantity over variety (which is always easier for us to manufacture).
  2. Distributors are limited to sales of NCD products and are strictly prohibited from installing NCD products in customer locations.
  3. Distributors are prohibited from engaging 3rd parties for the purposes of installing NCD products in customer locations.
  4. A Distributor is required to list NCD products on their online store (if applicable) using NCD branding.
  5. If a Distributor uses a sales team, printed material (such as a line-card) that demonstrates the relationship with other manufacturers is required.  
  6. Distributors must submit proof of advertising or demonstrate a physical method of obtaining sales and representing other hardware manufacturers.
  7. A Distributor is required to provide proof of a physical location and office with shipping capabilities in place.
  8. A Distributor is required to offer a minimum of 10 different products to their customers.
  9. Individual minimum orders must be $1500 or above.
  10. A Distributor has to place a minimum 2 orders per quarter. 
  11. Distributors are prohibited from selling NCD products below NCD store prices without explicit written authorization from NCD.

There are essentially 3 ways to achieve distributor pricing tiers for new prospective distributors. 

  1. For distributors with a online store, we offer a one-year complimentary entry level discount rate (described in more detail below).
  2. For distributors who do not have a significant online presence, we suggest purchasing at regular pricing until you have scaled to $50,000 in sales.  This sales figure must be achieved within a 12 month period. Once you have achieved this sales figure, we will grant you resale pricing for 12 months.  To maintain your resale pricing, you must maintain a minimum of $50,000 in sales per year. Most of our customers easily achieve the $50,000 goal and far exceed this figure provided they have a sales team in place.
  3. The more costly approach is to open a resale account with a $50,000 deposit.  We will grant you resale pricing and your deposit will be used to pay for products and shipping costs related to purchases on your account.  Your deposit must be exhausted within a 12 month cycle. If it is not used, the remainder of your deposit will be refunded and your account will be closed.  If your account is exhausted within 12 months, your resale account will automatically renew for a 12 month cycle. Again, you must maintain a minimum of $50,000 in sales per year to keep your resale account open.

For distributors, we have the following discount tiers available.  Please note that discount rates and minimum requirements are non-negotiable, regardless of circumstances. 

Distributor level One – 10% Discount Rate

This is our entry level distributor discount.  To qualify for this discount rate, distributors are required to have a on-line store.  No minimum investment is required at this discount rate.  However, to maintain this discount rate, a yearly order volume $25,000 is required.  This discount rate is applied on good faith to new distributors who would like an opportunity to resell our products without an up-front investment.  This discount rate is discontinued after the first year if the minimum order volume is not achieved.  Higher discount rates will apply as soon as the next tier is reached.

Distributor Level Two – 15% Discount Rate 

A yearly order volume $50,000 must be maintained.

Distributor Level Three – 18% Discount Rate

A yearly order volume $100,000 must be maintained.

Distributor Level Four – 25% Discount Rate

A yearly order volume $250,000 must be maintained.

Distributor Level Five

Distributor Level Five is available to highly qualified companies with a significant on-line presence.  A minimum of 50,000 products must be represented by various manufacturers to qualify as a Level Five distributor.  Please inquire if your company currently has a large representation of products.