Solid State Relay Controllers

Solid State Relay Features

Our Solid State Relay Controllers feature a wide range of controllers to fit just about any application! Compatible with nearly any operating system and programming language our Solid State Relays are the ultimate in versatility and power.

  • Compatible with any Programming Language
  • Compatible with nearly any Operating System
  • Wide range of channels and relay options
  • Great for Inductive Loads
  • Wide range of communication protocol options:
    • Ethernet
    • WiFi
    • USB
    • Serial
    • ZigBee
    • 802.15.4
    • I²C

Our Solid State Relay Boards

We have a full line of Solid State Relay options able to cover almost any application. Control AC, DC, and a range of amperages. You can choose from many different communication options and series. Whether wired, wireless, or network communications are needed we have something to suit your application.  The versatility of our relay controllers ensures an easy and reliable solution to whatever your switching needs.

How It Works

Our Relay Controllers are built with modularity and versatility in mind. As such we have two main types of Solid State Relay Controllers NCD Industrial Devices and NCD IoT Devices. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Whichever you choose the main difference between Mechanical Relay Controllers and Solid State Relay Controllers is that Solid State Relays have a minimum load requirement. This minimum load is different for different Solid State Relays, but it means that Solid State Relays are impractical for most signal switching applications. Additionally most Solid State Relays are designed to control either AC or DC, but not both, while most Mechanical Relays can switch either.

NCD Industrial Solid State Relay Controllers

NCD Industrial Solid State Relay Controllers are the easiest to work with and the most versatile in terms of utility. They can have onboard sensor automation, time and schedule automation, point to point switching, and contact closure notification functionality all without any programming.

If you need an out of the box solution NCD Industrial Solid State Relay Boards are a great place to start.

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NCD IoT Solid State Relay Controllers

NCD IoT Solid State Relay Controllers are low cost and easy to use with today’s popular IoT Platforms.

The strength in our IoT Solid State Relay Controllers is in the fact that it is so easily connected to many platforms like Raspberry Pi, Windows, Onion Omega, Particle Photon and Electron, and many others. The ability to connect to these platforms gives them the ability to quickly connect to cloud services compatible with these devices such as Particle’s cloud, IFTTT, AWS, Azure, or Google’s many web APIs.

While they don’t have the out of the box versatility that our Industrial Solid State Relay Controllers have, they are just as powerful and capable with some additional coding.

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