Point to Multi-Point Switching


MirM Wireless Switches allows one location  to control relays at multiple locations. Think of a switch in a control room that can control utility lights throughout a building.

  • Wireless Operation up to 1 Mile (1.6km)
  • Contact Closure Triggers Relays in Remote Locations
    • Contact Closure Inputs on Sender
    • Relays on Receiver
  • Sold with Multiple Boards
    • 1 Contact Closure Board
    • 24 Maximum Locations
    • 8 Maximum Relays Per location
  • Contact Closure Inputs can be Wired to Your Needs
    • An Input for Each Remote Relay
    • One Input can control Multiple Remote Relays
    • One Input can Control All Remote Relays
  • No Computers, No Programming
  • Prices Include 2 Remote Locations
    • Add More Locations at Checkout

MirM Switching

To put it simply, flipping a switch on one board activates relays on multiple remote boards.

MirM controllers allow contact closure inputs to control relays in remote locations using multiple relay boards.  The sender board is equipped with contact closure inputs, used to control relays on the receiver boards.  Both sender and up to 24 remote receiver boards are included when you purchase the MirM Series boards.

Why Choose NCD?

With NCD you know you have a proven reliable, easy to use, and extensible product because we’ve been in the business for over 20 years. This means you don’t have to spend valuable time researching how to jig-saw pieces of your project together to get them to work cohesively. Being manufactured in the U.S.A. you know you’ll get good support and a quality product. NCD also ensures you won’t have to put any time into soldering or building a PCB, just pick your boards and power them up. Knowing that every sensor, relay controller, and component is built around the same concept will save you guess work on how well software will work with any board.

How It Works

MirC Remote Relay Switches are really two boards that allow contact closure inputs on the first board to control relay outputs on a second board. The sending device is equipped with contact closure inputs, the receiving device is where the relays are. Both sender and relay devices are included when you purchase a MirC pair. Contact closures are read on one controller, data is sent to the other controller to turn on or off relays, the remote device executes the command sent to it and replies back, busy light flashes to confirm data was received at the other end.

Wireless Remote Switching

Wireless Remote Switching may be the easiest option as it only requires 12 volts of power at the install locations and be within wireless range of each other. When it comes to the wireless range you should remember that the range we list is a line of sight range. A 1 mile range line of site can be cut down to a few hundred feet with a thick wall between them. 

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