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Send the following bytes (Hex Values Shown) to a Reactor Generation 1 to Trigger the events indicated below:

0x40 0x02 0x00 Activate Timer 1
0x40 0x02 0x01 Activate Timer 2
0x40 0x02 0x02 Activate Timer 3
0x40 0x02 0x03 Activate Timer 4
0x40 0x02 0x04 Activate Timer 5
0x40 0x02 0x05 Activate Timer 6
0x40 0x02 0x06 Activate Timer 7
0x40 0x02 0x07 Activate Timer 8
0x40 0x02 0x08 Cancel Timer 1
0x40 0x02 0x09 Cancel Timer 2
0x40 0x02 0x0A Cancel Timer 3
0x40 0x02 0x0B Cancel Timer 4
0x40 0x02 0x0C Cancel Timer 5
0x40 0x02 0x0D Cancel Timer 6
0x40 0x02 0x0E Cancel Timer 7
0x40 0x02 0x0F Cancel Timer 8
0x40 0x02 0x10 Increase Rotation A
0x40 0x02 0x11 Increase Rotation B
0x40 0x02 0x12 Increase Rotation C
0x40 0x02 0x13 Increase Rotation D
0x40 0x02 0x14 Decrease Rotation A
0x40 0x02 0x15 Decrease Rotation B
0x40 0x02 0x16 Decrease Rotation C
0x40 0x02 0x17 Decrease Rotation D
0x40 0x02 0x18 Trigger Autorotation A
0x40 0x02 0x19 Trigger Autorotation B
0x40 0x02 0x1A Trigger Autorotation C
0x40 0x02 0x1B Trigger Autorotation D
0x40 0x02 0x1C Clear Rotation A
0x40 0x02 0x1D Clear Rotation B
0x40 0x02 0x1E Clear Rotation C
0x40 0x02 0x1F Clear Rotation D
0x40 0x02 0x20 Clear Rotations A & B
0x40 0x02 0x21 Clear Rotations C & D
0x40 0x02 0x22 Clear All Rotations

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Free Shipping on orders over $100

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