Product Reference: 484828

Standalone Industrial Vibration Temperature Sensor Product Manual

IntroductionProduct Link HardwareSensor DiagramTemperature SensorSensor PowerSensor Radio TechnologySensor Internal OverviewSoftware API StructureSensor Type 84 Transmission StructureSensor Transmission Structure RAW ModeSensor Configuration StructureEnter Configuration Mode Read Sleep Duration Set Sensor Node ID and Sleep DurationRead Sensor Network IDSet Wireless Sensor Network IDRead Sensor Destination AddressSet Sensor Destination AddressSet Sensor Destination to Broadcast Read Wireless Sensor Transmission Power LevelRead Wireless Sensor RetriesSet Wireless Sensor number of Retries Set Wireless Sensor Encryption Key Configuration Commands TableSensor App Specific Configuration Commands TableInstallation GuidelinesTroubleshooting GuideRevision History Introduction 1 Industrial Grade 3-axis Vibration Sensor with ±16g Range Calculates RMS, MAX, and MIN g Vibration Noise Removal using

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