Product Reference: 379571

IoT Wireless Temperature Humidity Current Detect Sensor Product Manual

Overview Features Two Industrial Grade Sensor  Probes with Range 0 to 100% RH / -25°C [-13°F] to 85°C [185°F]) 0-100Amp AC Current Detection Sensor Resolution 0.01% RH/0.01°C Accuracy 2% RH/ 0.2°C 2 Mile Range with On-Board Antenna Superior LOS Range of up to 28 miles with High-Gain Antennas Interface to Raspberry Pi, Microsoft Azure, Arduino and More Example Software for Visual Studio and LabVIEW Wireless Mesh Networking using DigiMesh® 256 Sensor Node per Network Open Communication Protocol for custom interfacing applications Improved reliability incorporating Retry feature in case of packet loss Real time battery status Applications In House Temperature Humidity

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