Product Reference: 12695

Serial to I2C Conversion

Serial to I2C ConversionV3 Feature OverviewV4 Feature OverviewV5 Feature OverviewV6 Feature OverviewNCD APITransmitting DataReceiving DataCommunicating to I2C DevicesI2C Write: Transmitting I2C DataI2C Read: Receiving I2C DataStep 1: Configure PCA9536 for InputsStep 2: Move PCA9536 Address PointerStep 3: Read PCA9536 InputsI2C Write Read CommandI2C Bus Scan CommandI2C Stop CommandI2C Converter Reboot CommandI2C Error CodesI2C Communication ExamplesMCP23008 8-Bit GPIOMCP23008 InitializationMCP23008 Programmable Pull-UpsReading 8 Inputs1 Relay + 7 GPIO2 Relays + 6 GPIO4 Relays + 4 GPIO8 RelaysMCP23017 16-Bit GPIOMCP23017 InitializationMCP23017 Programmable Pull-UpsReading InputsControlling RelaysPCA9685 Pulse Width ModulationPCA9685 InitializationControlling PWM ChannelsAS1115 LED Display DriverAS1115 InitializationSetting the BrightnessWriting to the DisplayControlling the Decimal PointI2C

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