Long Range Wireless Relay Controllers

Long Range Wireless Relay boards from NCD are trusted by industry for computer control applications backed with a 5-year warranty.  We manufacture in the United States and we can customize our Long-Range Wireless Relay devices for your exact application.

  • Simple implementation
    • Interface mounts as virtual COM port
    • Compatible with any operating system
  • Industry Leading Command Set
    • Send Specific Commands to Trigger Relays
    • Trigger Any or All Relays
    • Program in any Language
  • Wide Range Of Option
    • 1,2,4,8 Channel Available on ProXR Lite Series
    • 16, 24,32,64 Channel Available on ProXR and Fusion Series
    • Analog Inputs Available on ProXR and Fusion Series
    • GPIO Digital I/O Available on Fusion Series
  • Wide Range Of Options
  • Base Station Software
    • Point & Click Interface
    • Read Sensor Levels
    • Read Status of Relays
    • Manually Trigger Relays

Long Range Wireless Relay Boards

NCD Manufactures Long Range Wireless Relay Controllers, capable of communicating up to 2 miles away from your computer using the included antennas!  With high-gain antennas, NCD long range wireless relay controllers are capable of communicating up to 28 miles away in line of sight applications!  Simply connect the wireless modem to the USB port of your computer and run our FREE Base Station Software to start controlling relays in minutes.  

On-board analog inputs may be used for sensor monitoring and control applications over a long-range wireless connections.  Monitor temperature sensors, switches, and other analog devices and control relays based on sensor inputs.  On-board inputs may also be used to manually control relays when switches are pressed.  

NCD ProXR series relay controllers offer an extensive command set for turning relays on or off, toggling the state of relays, activating relays for a duration of time, flashing relays on and off automatically and much more.

long range wireless relay controllers
General Purpose Long Range Wireless Relay
long range wireless high power relay controllers
High-Power Long Range Wireless Relay
long range wireless solid state relay controllers
Solid State Long Range Wireless Relay
USB Wireless Modem
USB Long Range Wireless Modem

Long Range Wireless Relay Controllers with 16 or More Relays

NCD manufactures the largest Wireless Relay controllers in the world, with options for 16, 24, 32, 48, 56, and 64 on-board relays.  Expansion options allow NCD relay controllers to scale up to 256 channels.  Dual interface options are also available on the Fusion series controllers, allowing two USB ports to control the entire array of on-board and off-board expansion relays.

On-Board GPIO and Analog Inputs

Most NCD controllers come equipped with Analog inputs.  These analog inputs may be used to read external sensors.  Analog inputs may be software configured for 8-Bit or 10-Bit resolution, allowing for highly accurate analog sensor measurement applications.  Analog inputs may be re-configured for manual control of on-board relays.  Simply connect a button to the on-board analog inputs and turn relays on or off when the button is pressed.  Fusion series controllers are equipped with 16 analog inputs that may be software configured as GPIO.  Use analog inputs for sensor monitoring and control applications or re-program the analog inputs for TTL Input and Output (GPIO) control.  Fusion controllers are equipped with two communication interface ports, allowing multiple computers to monitor and control on-board relays.  Fusion controllers also include many functions to automatically control relays when external sensor reach pre-defined set-points.  NCD Reactor series controllers offer a lower-cost alternative to Fusion, with some automation features and control of up to 8 on-board relays.  All Reactor inputs are 8-bit analog.

How It Works

Simply plug the Long-Range Wireless USB Modem into your PC, power up your long-range wireless relay controller and our Free Base Station Software.  Our software will establish a connection to the remote relay controller and provide you with a complete user interface for testing and control.  If you decide to develop your own software, simply click the “More” button on each Base Station Window.  This will show you all commands communicated to and from your computer to the remote wireless relay board.  NCD long-range wireless relay controllers are trusted by industry, with a proven track record of reliability.  You simply can’t beat the range, the easy of use, the long 5-year warranty, or the support you will receive from NCD.