NCD IoT Sensors

Our IoT Sensors are easy to use and don’t require soldering. Simply plug them in and start collecting data. We designed our IoT Sensor Boards on modularity and versatility. The same board will work with any platform with a simple adapter. If you want to switch platforms, just swap the adapter on the board and you’re good to go. With a 5 year warranty we stand behind the reliability of our products and have for the last 25 years we’ve been in business.

Popular Platforms


Modular Pressure Sensors

IoT Temperature & Humidity Sensors

IoT Barometric Pressure Sensors

Industrial Current Monitoring Devices

Modular Gas Sensors

Modular IoT Thermocouples

Modular IoT Water Moisture Sensors

Modular IoT Vibration Sensors

IoT Color and Light Sensors

Modular Hall-Effect Sensors

Modular IoT Accelerometers

Modular Gesture Sensors

IoT Energy Monitoring Devices

Modular Gyroscopes

Modular IoT Pressure Sensors

Modular IoT RFID Sensors

IoT Digital Compass

Modular IoT Magnetometers

Modular IoT Position Sensors

Modular IoT Proximity Sensors

Raspberry Pi IoT Sensors

We offer hundreds of IoT Sensors for Raspberry Pi. From temperature sensors to gesture sensors make your next IoT Sensor Project a breeze with NCD and Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi Sensors are easily integrated into the powerful and versatile Cayenne cloud platform.

Raspberry Pi is a powerful and inexpensive platform for IoT Sensor applications. With a full linux installation it is easy to use as well as making it compatible with most existing and custom built IoT Cloud Services.

You can use any of our IoT Sensors with Raspberry Pi using one of our Raspberry Pi Adapters.

Particle Photon IoT Sensors

Particle Photon is a powerful platform made even more so by Particle’s cloud. With WiFi built in its easy to get up and running in minutes. Combine the Particle’s Cloud with our IoT Sensors and you have a flexible and reliable IoT Solution with minimal effort.

The Photon plugs into one of our Photon Adapters and then connects to our IoT Sensors Boards. You can use the Photon to transmit and accept commands and information using the full API of Particle’s cloud.

Particle Electron IoT Sensors

Particle Electron is a powerful platform made even more so by Particle’s cloud. The cellular connectivity of the Particle Electron combined with our IoT Sensors makes IoT Sensory data collection applications possible anywhere without reliance on local area networks.

The Electron can be connected to one of our Electron Adapters and then connected to any of our IoT Sensors. You can use the Electron to transmit and accept commands and information using the full API of Particle’s cloud.

Arduino IoT Sensors

Our Arduino IoT Sensor Boards can be connected to Arduino Uno, Micro, or Nano using a simple adapter.

Unlike other Arduino Sensors, ours require no soldering or hardware customization. Just plug the adapter into the IoT Sensor and the Arduino into the adapter.

No need to worry about the hardware anymore you can simply plug in the sensors and focus on the software.

There are many cloud services compatible with Arduino and even more than can be made to be so.

C.H.I.P. IoT Sensors

Our C.H.I.P. IoT Sensor Boards can be connected to the C.H.I.P. micro-computer using a simple and inexpensive adapter.

The combination of C.H.I.P. and our IoT Sensors is a powerful one. As with any platform with a Linux Distro the possibilities are endless as to the applications that can be completed using it in conjunction with sensor data collection.

You can use C.H.I.P. to bring our IoT Sensors and their data to nearly any cloud service you wish such as Azure, AWS, and IFTTT.

ESP8266 IoT Sensors

ESP8266 is a powerful and easy to use platform built on the same language as Arduino. Combining it with our simple plug and play IoT Sensors makes any project a breeze.

Many cloud services support ESP8266 including those designed for Arduino. Its even powerful enough to connect to Azure and AWS cloud architectures.

Windows IoT Sensors

Using a simple USB adapter any windows computer can connect and monitor our IoT Sensors using any language Windows Supports.

Everyone has used a Windows machine and knows how powerful they are. For the most part they are big and bulky compared to some of the other platforms on this list, but for some applications this isn’t an issue and in those applications Windows is a great tool for IoT.

The greatest benefit of using Windows is the sheer amount of software and support for it and the number of clouds that support it. If you want to implement an Azure IoT Solution this should be the first platform you look at.

Linux IoT Sensors

Out IoT Sensors plug in to Linux Machines using a simple USB adapter. Simply plug it in and start communicating to your IoT Sensor and collecting data.

There is a reason many of the above platforms are built on a linux kernel. It is flexible, powerful, and fast. Not only is it compatible with most cloud services, many of them are built on linux as well.

Onion Omega IoT Sensors

Using a simple Onion Omega Adapter you can connect your Omega directly to any of our IoT Sensor Boards and Relays. These devices chain together so that you can control multiple boards with a single Omega.

Because the Onion Omega is built on linux it gives you a myriad of options to control our IoT Devices and connect them to the cloud. Some popular clouds for Onion Omega include Onion’s own cloud, Azure IoT, and AWS.

Onion Omega IoT Sensors are great when you need powerful IoT hardware in a tiny package.

PyCom IoT Sensors

While PyCom IoT Sensor firmware is limited to Python as  a programming language its not much of a limitation. Python is easy to write and has enough power to connect to most existing generic cloud services such as Azure IoT, AWS, and IFTTT.

We support all PyCom chips including the WiPy, LoPy, SiPy, GPy, and FiPy. Whether you need WiFi, Cellular, or Bluetooth connected Sensors PyCom is a powerful brain for our IoT Sensor Boards.