IFTTT Relays and Inputs


Our IFTTT Devices are a simple and flexible DIY cloud solution. Simply set the board up and log in to IFTTT.com to start creating rules to control your world.

  • Made for IFTTT
  • Up to 32 Relays per device
  • Up to 8 Digital IOs per device
  • 12vDC Powered
  • Activate Relay through IFTTT
  • Trigger IFTTT Events like Emails

IFTTT Devices

Leverage the power of www.IFTTT.com and Particle services to do almost anything.  Send a tweet if someone rings your doorbell, send a notification to your phone if someone opens a door, turn on almost anything right from your phone with simple setup, the possibilities are endless.  Control Anything provides this controller with a pre-programmed Particle Photon module for easy connection to IFTTT.  No programming required!  Just use the simple IFTTT interface to setup your different configurations.

More on IFTTT Relays

National Control Device’s line of devices for IFTTT were designed to interface your life with your environment. Why shouldn’t your lights flash when your phone rings?  Why shouldn’t you get a notification when someone enters your home while you are away? You do not need to pay a company to do this for you.  These devices were devised to empower the ‘Do-it-Yourselfer’ to take control of their environment however they see fit. If you want to open your garage door from twitter then do it. Its up to you.

IFTTT is an excellent service which connects all of your other services together as they should be.  No longer are Gmail and your Kitchen lights two entities that cannot communicate.  Its a free service and has amazing capabilities so check it out.

This line of products offers an extensive line of Input/Output options. There are several controllers with multiple relay switch channels for controlling all of your electronic devices. They also offer digital contact closure inputs for monitoring motion detectors, buttons, switches, and any other sensor that has an on/off output.

How It Works

Digital contact closure inputs on this device can be used to trigger IFTTT events such as sending an email, posting to facebook, the list goes on and on.  You could send an email if a float switch in a reservoir is tripped.  Get a notification on your iPhone or Android device if someone enters a restricted area and trips a motion detector or PIR.

You can then use those inputs or an IFTTT event of your choice to activate the Relays on the board as well.