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Use N-Button software to create A/D Meters as well as relays.

Here will show you how to use N-Button Lite software to create A/D Meter widget for NCD Analog to Digital Conversion controllers.

1. Connect a NCD A/D Analog to Digital board to your computer with USB or Ethernet interface.

2. Download, install, and launch N-Button Lite software, N-Button Lite Manager will be shown on your screen.

3. Click  Device Manager – New to add a device.

  • Input the name for the device: A/D Board
  • Select Manufacturer: National Control Devices
  • Select Device Type: AD1216
  • Select connection interface of the device
  • Click OK on Device Setting and Devices Manager, you will see 1 Device is added on N-Button Lite Manager.

4. Click A/D Meter button to show Properties – A/D Meter panel.

  • Input the name or keep the default
  • Select the Device: A/D Board
  • Select A/D ID
  • Input Caption or keep the default
  • Keep default Appearance or select  your favorite Style, Location, and Size
  • Click OK back to N-Button Lite Manager, A/D Meter is added to Widget panel

5. In the same way, click A/D Meter to add more A/D Meter widgets for different A/D inputs.

6. Click OK on N-Button Lite Manager, you will see the A/D Meter widgets showing on your desktop.  Right-click the A/D Meter widget to show the pop-up menu. You can choose to open Properties panel or N-Button Lite Manger panel to edit the widget.

All kinds of sensors, such as temperature, electric current, voltage, humidity, velocity, pressure, etc., can be connected to A/D inputs. By adding A/D Meter widgets, you will read the value of A/D inputs directly on your desktop.

The default value of A/D input is 0-255. The meter can map the value to different range, like 0-5, 0-12, or other value you want. You can choose to let the A/D Meter widgets updated the value at specific interval automatically or manually by clicking the refresh button beside the A/D Meter widget.

You can create up to 16 A/D Meter widgets with N-Button Lite software.

If you need more widgets, please use N-Button Pro version, which supports up to 255 widgets.

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