Ethernet Relays

Ethernet Relays controller provide a highly reliable network connection for controlling relays in almost any application, and are available on most of our product lines.

  • Robust Network Support
    • Virtual COM Port over Network
    • Direct TCP/IP Communications
    • Supports DHCP and Static IPs
  • Industry Leading Command Set
    • Send Specific Commands to Trigger Relays
    • Trigger Any or All Relays
    • Program in any Language
  • Base Station Software
    • Point & Click Interface
    • Use to Discover Board on Network
    • Read Sensor Levels
    • Read Status of Relays
    • Manually Trigger Relays

Industrial Ethernet Relays

We have a full line of Ethernet Relays compatible controllers to suit nearly any need. Our ethernet relays modules come with a long history of proven stability. Customize your project with exactly the options you need. Whether General Purpose, High Power or Signal Switching, we have you covered with our SPDT, DPDT, and SPST Relays. Our range of our ethernet relay controllers ensures an easy and reliable solution to whatever your switching needs.

Ethernet Relay 8-Channel Solid State
Ethernet 8-Channel Solid-State Relay Controller
Ethernet Relay 4-Channel Solid State
Ethernet 4-Channel Solid-State Relay Controller
Ethernet Relay 2-Channel Solid State
Ethernet 2-Channel Solid-State Relay Controller
Ethernet Relay 1-Channel Solid State
Ethernet 1-Channel Solid-State Relay Controller
Ethernet Relay 8-Channel SPDT
Ethernet 8-Channel SPDT Relay Controller
Ethernet Relay 4-Channel SPDT
Ethernet 4-Channel SPDT Relay Controller
Ethernet Relay 2-Channel SPDT
Ethernet 2-Channel SPDT Relay Controller
Ethernet Relay 1-Channel SPDT
Ethernet 1-Channel SPDT Relay Controller
Ethernet Relay 8-Channel High-Current
Ethernet 8-Channel High-Current Relay Controller
Ethernet Relay 4-Channel High-Current
Ethernet 4-Channel High-Current Relay Controller
Ethernet Relay 2-Channel High-Current
Ethernet 2-Channel High-Current Relay Controller
Ethernet Relay 1-Channel High-Current
Ethernet 1-Channel High-Current Relay Controller

Ethernet Relay Controllers with 16 or More Relays

NCD manufactures the largest Ethernet Relay controllers in the world, with options for 16, 24, 32, 48, 56, and 64 on-board relays.  Expansion options allow NCD relay controllers to scale up to 256 channels.  Dual interface options are also available on the Fusion series controllers, allowing two Ethernet ports to control the entire array of on-board and off-board expansion relays.

Modular Ethernet Interface

NCD is the first company to ever manufacture Ethernet relay controllers, and remains the only company to provide a modular interface solution.  All of the relay controllers we manufacture are available with a Ethernet communications interface.  Order with Ethernet or upgrade to Ethernet from USB or other interface technologies.  Our modular architecture makes upgrades and repairs fast and easy.  Our array of Ethernet relay controllers is larger than any other company in the world, and we can customize our products for your exact needs.  Take a look at some of the other series we offer with a Ethernet communications options:

Why Choose NCD?

With NCD you can count on a reliable, easy to use, open ended product. This means you don’t have to spend valuable time learning how to jig-saw pieces of your project together to get them to work. Being manufactured in the U.S.A. you know you’ll get good support and a quality product. NCD also ensures you won’t have to put any time into soldering or building a PCB, just pick your boards and power them up. Just knowing that every sensor, relay controller, and component is built around the same concept will save you guess work on how well software will work with any board.

How It Works

All Ethernet Relay Controllers are equipped with our proprietary firmware built into the board. Control one relay at a time, a bank of relays or all relays at once with manual and automatic refreshing command set. These commands can be sent using a virtual COM port, a TCP connection, or our Base Station software. We provide an array of options to help you when integrating into existing systems, or building entirely new ones. Our WebI modules also provide a web interface for taking direct control of your relays without the need for any additional software or programming.

Ethernet Modules

Both simple UI control and software integration are made easy with our Ethernet modules. The basic module gives you complete control from either Base Station, or your own software application. The Web Relay module serves a web page right from your relay board. Taking your project to the next level and control relays from any network connected browser.