Bluetooth Relays


Bluetooth Relays are ideal for mobile connectivity and automotive applications. Bluetooth Relays have a wireless range of 300 feet and can communicate directly to most mobile devices.

  • High speed and standardized Bluetooth Communications
  • Free Android Application to Control Many Series of Boards
  • Comes with a 5 Year Warranty
  • Choose from Computer Controlled or Stand Alone Operation Series
  • Compatible with a wide array of bluetooth enabled devices

Our Bluetooth Relays

Our Bluetooth Relay Controllers make it easier than ever to add Bluetooth wireless switching to your most demanding computer or smart phone control applications. Simply pair this controller to your smart phone or computer. The controller mounts as a Virtual COM Port on your PC, allowing easy programming from any language that supports serial communications.Smart Phone and Computer Pairing.

Why Choose NCD?

With NCD you know you have a proven reliable, easy to use, and extensible product. This means you don’t have to spend valuable time researching how to jig-saw pieces of your project together to get them to work cohesively. Being manufactured in the U.S.A. you know you’ll get good support and a quality product. NCD also ensures you won’t have to put any time into soldering or building a PCB, just pick your boards and power them up. Just knowing that every sensor, relay controller, and component is built around the same concept will save you guess work on how well software will work with any board.

How It Works

Simply power up the Bluetooth Relay Controller and pair with it from your bluetooth enabled device. Once it is paired and connected you can begin to send commands to control and monitor the Bluetooth Relays with our simple API. The Bluetooth Module uses a Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP) so you can communicate to it as if it was connected directly to your computer.

Bluetooth Modules

This Bluetooth Relay will be paired with a Bluetooth connection on your smart phone or computer. Use our free Android Application or write your own to fit your needs using our simple API. Control from your computer by using the Serial Port Profile built into the Bluetooth Communications stack and talk to the board as if it were directly wired to your PC. Compatible with any Operating System and PC that supports Bluetooth Communications with the exception of iOS devices due to limitations of the manufacturer.