(Deprecated – Legacy Hardware) ZBT Bluetooth Communications Module Quick Start Guide

This module is no longer sold by NCD and this guide is here for existing applications that use it. For the replacement module and links to the documentation for it see the product “WiFi Communications Module with Bluetooth USB MQTT

Bluetooth Communications Module

The ZBT is the communication module of choice for users who need a modern wireless communication technology that works seamlessly with the NCD Industrial product line.  The ZBT adds virtual com port communications using Bluetooth wireless communications.  The ZBT fits the communications socket of most NCD Industrial devices, allowing any of our socketed devices to use Bluetooth wireless communications.  The ZBT is available with a external antenna for improved range or without for a more compact profile.  The ZBT is based on the Roving Networks (now Microchip.com) RN42XV Bluetooth interface processor.

ZBT with Integrated Antenna

The ZBT is available with a Integrated Antenna for low-profile installation applications. You can expect reliable operation up to a maximum of 320′ line-of-site using the integrated antenna.

ZBT-EXT with External Antenna

The ZBT is available with a external antenna for applications that require a antenna to be mounted outside the enclosure.  The external antenna does not improve range, but it does allow for operation inside metal enclosures by externally mounting the antenna. Connect to the module using a U.FL to RP-SMA adapter.

Pairing Code: 1234

ZBT Pairing Operation

The ZBT will appear as “MyDevice” on your computer or smart phone.  The default pairing code is 1234.  This name and default pairing code may be changed using optional programming accessories.

Bluetooth Classic-Data/SPPYes
FCC CertifiedYes
ASCII InterfaceYes
Memory TypeFlash
Pin Count10
Package TypeSocket module
Package Size24.4 x 29.9 mm
Min Temp Range-40C
Max Temp Range85C
Op Voltage Min3.0V
Op Voltage Max3.6V
Power ConsumptionUp to 100ma at 3.3VDC

NCD Devices Powered at 12VDC


will Regulate down to 3.3VDC

12VDC Regulated to 3.3VDC


Consumes 28ma

Wireless Frequency2.4GHz
RoHS ComplianceYes
Production StatusIn Production


Fully certified Bluetooth® version 2.1 module, supports version 2.1 + Enhanced Data Rate (EDR)

  • Backwards-compatible with Bluetooth version 2.0, 1.2, and 1.1
  • Pin compatible with widely used 2 x 10 2-mm socket typically used for 802.15.4 applications
  • Low power: 26 µA sleep, 3 mA connected, 30 mA transmit
  • UART (SPP or HCI) and USB (HCI only) data connection interfaces
  • Sustained SPP data rates: 240 Kbps (slave), 300 Kbps (master)
  • HCI data rates: 1.5 Mbps sustained, 3.0 Mbps burst in HCI mode
  • Embedded Bluetooth stack profiles included (requires no host stack): GAP, SDP, RFCOMM, and L2CAP protocols, with SPP, HID and DUN profile support
  • Bluetooth SIG certified
  • Certifications: FCC, IC, CE
  • Environmentally friendly, RoHS compliant
  • 2 antenna options available: PCB trace (RN42XVP-I/RM) and U.FL connector for external antenna (RN42XVU-I/RM)

This guide will help you understand advanced usage of the ZBT interface module.

This guide will provide you with a complete command set for usage and configure using serial communication.

Usage & Electrical Specifications

The ZBT module is designed to operate at 3.3VDC powered by the communications socket.  The ZBT is typically used in combination with NCD devices, though it may be compatible with select 3rd select party.  To use this device, simply plug it into a NCD device equipped a communications module socket and pair with your computer using pairing code 1234.  Run our Base Station Software (ncd.io/start) to connect to your NCD device through the Bluetooth Virtual COM Port Connection.  The baud rate should be set to 115.2K Baud for use with most NCD devices.

From the Manufacturer:

The RN42XV module provides drop-in, certified Bluetooth connectivity for existing systems using 802.15.4 modules.  Based on the popular 2 x 10 (2mm) socket footprint often found in embedded applications, the RN42XV offers a complete wireless solution for customers looking to migrate to a standard protocol without modifying existing hardware.  The RN42XV modules are built upon Microchip’s RN42 low power Bluetooth module.  The module has an embedded Bluetooth stack and supports multiple interface protocols and profiles including the commonly used SPP and HID profiles.