Wireless RTD sensor with node red

Getting started with node red and RTD

In this article we will learn how to install and setup node red.

  1. install node js
  2. install NVM
  3. open command line and switch to node js 12.20.2
    nvm install 12.20.2
    nvm use 12.20.2
  4. install node red

    npm install -g --unsafe-perm node-red

    Checkout this article for more info

How to install node red lib

  1. start node red
    command — node-red
  2. open a web browser and enter this
  3. click manage palette and search for ncd-red-wireless
  4. install ncd-red-wireless
  5. install node-red-dashboard


Build node red flow

There are tons of examples and tutorials available on how to build flows. In this article we will focus on RTD. 

RTD sensor properties can be changed by clicking on “Wireless RTD”

go to dashboard

In my setup i have few other devices running as well. 


Flow to Copy

If you want to use the flow i build 

Click Import and copy this flow

					[{"id":"6ad9e9a5.d2d478","type":"ui_chart","z":"4a4e93ac.53ff0c","name":"","group":"51153c99.a95fa4","order":1,"width":0,"height":0,"label":"Temperature","chartType":"line","legend":"false","xformat":"HH:mm:ss","interpolate":"linear","nodata":"","dot":false,"ymin":"-40","ymax":"500","removeOlder":1,"removeOlderPoints":"","removeOlderUnit":"604800","cutout":0,"useOneColor":false,"useUTC":false,"colors":["#1f77b4","#aec7e8","#ff7f0e","#2ca02c","#98df8a","#d62728","#ff9896","#9467bd","#c5b0d5"],"outputs":1,"useDifferentColor":false,"x":910,"y":460,"wires":[[]]},{"id":"51153c99.a95fa4","type":"ui_group","name":"Wireless RTD","tab":"fd773a63.c42cd8","order":1,"disp":true,"width":"6","collapse":false},{"id":"fd773a63.c42cd8","type":"ui_tab","name":"RTD","icon":"dashboard","disabled":false,"hidden":false}]