Set up USB Push Notification Board with N-Button

This blog will show you how to set up USB push notification contact closure input board to work with N-Button Pro.

  1. Plug in power and connect USB push notification board to your computer.
  2. Download, install and run the latest N-Button Pro software to show N-Button Pro Manager panel.
  3. Click Device Manager –> New to add USB push notification board .
  • Input NameUSB Push Notification Board
  • Select Manufacturer – National Control Devices
  • Select Board Type –  Push Notification
  • Select Com Port – Port Name(Your USB Serial Port #)
  • Select Baud Rate – 115200
  • Keep the default for other options
  • Click OK back to N-Button Pro Manager panel.

  1. Click Scan Channel to open Properties – Scan Channel.
  • Input Name or keep the default
  • Select Device – USB Push Notification Board
  • Keep Bank ID – 1
  • Select Channel ID – 1
  • Select Style, Location and Size or keep the default.
  • Click OK back to N-Button Pro Manager panel. You will see the Scan Channel is added to Widget panel.
  • Click OK on N-Button Pro Manager panel. You will see the Scan Channel widget showing on your desktop with Red color, which means the input channel is opened.

  1. Press the push button of push notification board, you will see the Scan Channel widget on your desktop turns to Green( the input channel is closed). Release the button, the widget turns to red again.

That means USB push notification board works with N-Button Pro software now.  You can have it to control relay board, send text message, email or do more actions with N-Button automation rules.

Here is the video for how to set up USB Push Notification Board with N-Button.