Server Room Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Iot Remote Temperature Sensor

Server rooms are growing larger by the day. With the amount of data that needs to be gathered and stored, it’s essential that physical server rack temperature stays within a safe range. Server rooms can rise to a very high temperature if not monitored and controlled properly. NCD’s Industrial IoT Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensors can ensure that no matter the number of physical racks it has, you can remotely monitor temperature and humidity within your server area. Check out NCD’s line of IoT Temperature and Humidity Sensors below! 

IoT Remote Temperature Sensor

Recommended Temperature & Humidity Levels

Temperature levels within a server room must be kept within a certain range to ensure overheating does not occur. The ideal temperature range in a server room should be between 68°F (20°C) and 71°F (21.66°C). This can be accomplished by running an air conditioning system, and also by keeping a cooling duct system in place. By installing NCD’s Iot Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensors, the user can be notified if and when the temperature reaches an unsafe level for equipment.

Humidity levels within a server room are especially important to keep within a certain range to prevent corrosion due to an overabundance of condensation. Humidity levels are recommended to be kept between 40%-60% relative humidity (rH.) Keeping levels at this range will extend the life of the server equipment.

Keep in mind, these levels are all relative to your specific server room. The recommended temperature and humidity levels may change with variables such as room size, positioning of racks within a room, closeness to a door that may open and close throughout the day, distance from any HVAC unit within a building, size of racks, and much more. It’s very important to know your specific server room and temperature and humidity levels it requires to run smoothly. 

On top of ensuring safety and peace of mind by installing Iot Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensors, users of server rooms can also ensure conservation of energy by using these sensors. Overheating of a server room can cause malfunction, and lead to catastrophic breakdown of machinery, and essential data. By presetting thermostats and sensors, a well maintained air conditioning unit can help preserve server rooms at a predetermined temperature, keeping assets safe from failure.