Remote & Fleet Management with RCMS for the Enterprise Gateway

RCMS & Gateway Setup

  1. Go to
  2. Log in or signup
    • MS account recommended, but not required
  3. On the left hand side after logging in choose Add/Remove Devices
    • Add/Remove Devices
  4. On this page click on the “ADD” button
    • Add new device button
  5. A pop-up should appear
  6. In a separate tab navigate to the web management portal of your local gateway
  7. Copy the Serial Number listed on the gateway’s dashboard into the SN field of RCMS
    • If an error message appears, make sure there are no spaces at the beginning or end of the provided value
    • Find the Gateway's Serial Number under System Information
  8. On RCMS for the Mac/IMEI choose MAC from the dropdown menu
  9. ¬†Copy the MAC address listed under LAN Status of the Gateway’s Dashboard and paste it into the RCMS form
    • If an error message appears, make sure there are no spaces at the beginning or end of the provided value
    • Find the Gateway's MAC address under LAN Status
  10. Give the Device a name in RCMS
  11. Specify where the device will be located using the “Device Area” dropdown
  12. Choose ROS PRO on the DeviceOS field
  13. Assign any tags preferred
    • Tags can be used to categorize gateways by application, location, department, etc.
  14. Provide a short description of the use case of this gateway.
  15. Check that this form looks similar to this example
    • Example form for adding a device in RCMS
  16. Once everything is set press the Save button
  17. Go back to your local Gateway’s web management and navigate to Services > RCMS
  18. Enable RCMS, RobustLink, and RobustVPN. Apply settings as shown in image below
    • Recommend RCMS settings: enable RCMS, RobustLink, and RobustVPN
  19. Hit Submit at the bottom of the page
  20. Click the Red Checkmark icon at the top of the page
  21. Go back to RCMS and click on RobustVPN
    • Highlights the location of RobustVPN on RCMS
  22. Click on Manage VPN Groups
    • Find Manage VPN Groups
  23. If no groups exist click Create
    • If your desired group already exists skip to step 28
  24. Assign a group name, encryption method, VPN region, and Virtual IP only
  25. Select the checkmark next to the Device recently added
    • Your group form should look similar to this:
      RobustVPN Group Settings
  26. Select the Assign Users tab and select your user
    • Add your user to the group
  27. Click the OK button
  28. Confirm the region is correct by hitting yes on the subsequent modal alert
    • Confirm location settings
  29. Click on the desired group
  30. Click on the Devices tab
    • Highlight the Devices tab
  31. Select the checkbox next to your desired Gateway and click Initialize
  32. Click the switch to connect VPN
    • Connect VPN
  33. The icon under VPN status should turn green
    • If this and the preceding step are not successful wait a couple of minutes before trying again
      VPN Status Indicator
  34. Open the web interface on the local gateway
  35. Navigate to Network > Firewall > General Settings
    • Navigate to General Settings
  36. Set Input to “Accept” in the General Settings box
    • Change input to accept
  37. *Optional Step
    • Click on the edit icon next to the Firewall Zone used by your Gateways WAN interface
    • If you’re unsure of this refer to Appendix A
    • Under Zones, make sure Input is set to Accept
      • Insert image
    • Under Access Control Settings select the protocols you want access to from the VPN
    • Click on the Submit button
    • Click the red checkbox along the top

Windows Client Instructions

  1. Go to and log in
  2. Click on Support across the top of the RCMS portal
    • Select support across the top of RCMS
  3. Click the download icon next to RVPN Manager
    • Download RVPN Manager
  4. Unzip the newly downloaded file
    • The filename should start with “Resources Batch Export-“
  5. Run the installer located in the newly unzipped folder and install the RobustVPN manager
  6. After Installation run the RobustVPN_Manager
    • Windows Search for RobustVPN_Manager
    • Run the VPN Manager
  7. Choose Global Default (
    • Choose the global default cloud
  8. Login to the VPN Manager using the same account used for RCMS
  9. Once logged in choose the VPN Group created earlier and click START
    • Choose your VPN group and select START
  10. Go back to the RCMS portal and click on Robust VPN along the top > Manage VPN Groups
    • Navigate to RobustVPN > Manage VPN Groups > Target VPN
  11. Select the VPN Group that contains your target gateway
    1. Navigate to RobustVPN > Manage VPN Groups > Target VPN
  12. Click on Devices
    • Select Devices from the VPN Group Tabs
  13. Copy the IP address of your target gateway
    • Copy displayed IP for target gateway
  14. Open a new browser tab and paste the IP address into it
    • Make sure you are not using HTTPS as it will give a warning unless a certificate is installed
    • i.e.
    • Paste IP into browser url bar
  15. Open a new browser tab and paste the IP address with :1880 after it
    • i.e.
    • Paste IP+:1880 into browser url bar
  16. If SSH is enabled on this device you can open Windows Powershell and run the command
    • ssh ncdio@{ip_address}
    • The default password is ncdB3ast
    • SSH into gateway using ssh@ip_address from powershell