NCD Partners with Temboo

We’ve been working with Temboo for a long time now, and we are proud to introduce them as an official partner!  Temboo offers an innovative cloud platform with a configuration that’s easier to use than any cloud platform we have seen!  Take a look at the video below to see how NCD sensors are connected to Temboo Kosmos.

NCD Releases endNode Devices

Imagine an ecosystem of IoT connected hardware with limitless expansion!  Devices that are able to expand to sense any kind of sensor you could imagine or control any kind of device from anywhere in the world.  The endNode ecosystem is starting to roll out.  Watch as we re-shape IoT connected hardware with infinite expansion into future sensors and controllers with NO FIRMWARE UPDATES REQUIRED!  endNode will revolutionize industrial IoT!

Take a look at our current endNode devices, we have MANY MORE in the pipeline!