IoT in Action Boston – Microsoft + NCD = FRIDG-E

IoT in Action Boston – Microsoft + NCD = FRIDG-E

If you’ve been following our news lately, we just completed our first tour with Microsoft at IoT in Action at the Boston Park Plaza on October 30th.  It was a HUGE success with over 600 IoT industry leaders attending (and some of our own customers!).  We are excited to be a part of the Microsoft family of partners and we look forward to our next tour date at IoT in Action San Francisco on February 13th.  Follow Microsoft’s IoT in Action Tour on Twitter #IoTinActionMS.

In Boston, Microsoft demonstrated the analytical power of Azure.  As part of the demonstration, a regular refrigerator was transformed into a IoT device using AValue and NCD hardware.  Microsoft made a compelling case for using the Azure platform, and our small role in the event was nothing short of the most exciting thing to ever happen to us!  Microsoft staff introduced NCD to the crowd and afterword, to the amazing attendees of the event.  The people there were just amazing.  Some of the finest IoT minds on the east coast attended, and we had an amazing opportunity to shake hands with most of them.


I apologize for the lack of good pictures, but I did manage to take a few in Boston.  Microsoft hired a great photographer for the event, but I don’t yet have a feed on the photos.  Here are a few of the pictures I snapped on my phone while we were in Boston.  Once the show was rolling, we were inundated with people and questions.  This was a big event for us, as it was our first opportunity to connect with industry leaders.  What an amazing group of people!


NCD Staff Jacob Youngblood shown setting up our table that displays our Plug and Play Modular Hardware used for rapid IoT prototyping.  We managed to land a working demo of FRIDG-E next to our table!


Kent Stroker (right of camera) introduces the crowd to NCD modular hardware platform for the FRIDG-E demo, where a regular fridge is transformed into a IoT device on-stage.  Also on stage are presenters Carl Coken (left) and Peter Hoffmeister (center) who also introduced NCD to the crowd.  Thank you so much Carl, Peter, and Kent for everything you have done for NCD!  We truly appreciate your welcoming us into the Microsoft family of partners in such a huge way!


Microsoft Azure Connectivity

NCD is currently working to retrofit many devices into the Azure platform.  Watch for tutorials coming soon as we take our plug and play IoT hardware to Azure.  NCD will be teaming up with Microsoft’s Kent Stroker on some of our upcoming tutorials.  If you are not familiar with Kent Stroker, he is a shining star in the IoT community, an IoT evangelist, and most importantly, one of our dearest friends.  Follow @KentStroker on Twitter.  Follow us @ncdiot on Twitter.

Meet NCD in San Francisco February 13th

We are going back on the road with the Microsoft IoT in Action Tour on February 13th.  We are planning to take some time after the San Francisco tour to meet with our clients.  If you are interested in meeting us while in San Francisco, please contact us here.