Deprecation Notice: Lantronix XPortⓇ and Lantronix XPort ProⓇ

Deprecation Notice: Lantronix XPortⓇ and XPort ProⓇ Communication Modules

NCD will discontinue the use of all Lantronix XPortⓇ and Lantronix XPort ProⓇ Communications Modules as of December 31st, 2019.
Last Time Buy for Any Products Containing these components will be December 15th, 2019. All Warranty Claims Must be Submitted by December 15th, 2019.

NCD engineers are currently working with our partners to develop an updated technology that better addresses the technical needs and cost expectations of our customers which are compliant with our current security standards.  We anticipate updated hardware to be available BEFORE December 15th, 2019.

This Notice Affects All Products Containing Lantronix XPort and XPort Pro Communication Modules, Including Fusion Series, MirC Series, MirX Series, ProXR Series, ProXR Lite Series, Push Notification Series, Taralist Series, and More.

Our New Module is On the Way!


Update 10/2/2019

We have completed validation of engineering samples for our New Ethernet communications module and are now working on manufacturing our first batch of modules.  There are many improvements in this design with a new lower cost and backward compatibility with LantronixⓇ XPortⓇ Modules.  Now with User-Updated Firmware, we can roll out improvements with firmware version history available to all users.  Fully compatible with Alpha Station and Base Station using Port 2101 by default (just as the older module).  This version seeks to offer a lower-cost replacement while retaining compatibility and resolving known issues with older modules.  We are currently on track to release this product Prior to the LantronixⓇ Deprecation Date of December 15th, 2019.

High-Volume customers are advised to contact us for a Free Sample (when available).  


  • NEW LOWER COST!!!  Price will be Decreased to $29 from $87 for the LantronixⓇ XPortⓇ Modules
  • Backward Compatibility with LantronixⓇ XPortⓇ Series Modules
  • Converts TCP/IP Data to Serial Data
  • User Updated Firmware with Firmware History Available
  • PC Application Available for Device Configuration
  • Integrated Web Page Based Device Configuration
  • Factory Reset Retains All NCD Firmware and Returns to Factory Default Settings
  • More Reliable Static IP Configuration
  • Better Compatibility with Multiple Browsers
  • Compatible with NCD Base Station and Alpha Station
  • More Memory to Support Future Growth
  • New TCP/IP Connection LED Indicates an Open TCP Port

Examples of Affected Devices