Cellular Gateways are On the Way


Shown above, and early version of our Cellular Gateway Prototype for Use with Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Losant, and MQTT.  The new version uses a MediaTek processor from our partners at Onion.io

Cellular Gateways Coming Soon

If you are a user of NCD Long Range IoT Wireless Sensors, you will be pleased to know that we have been actively developing a universal cellular gateway powered by NodeRED that works with all cloud platforms.  We now have stable firmware working with Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Losant, and MQTT.  We are currently finalizing the hardware and preparing for production.  Cellular gateways offer access to NCD IoT Sensors from just about anywhere a cellular signal is available.  A multi-network SIM card will be included to help get you started.  NCD Cellular Gateways are configured using integrated web pages over a WiFi connection.  WiFi web pages are only available during the configuration process to prevent unsecure access.  With integrated support for TLS, NCD Cellular Gateways maintain our long-term strategy to ensure all IoT devices are properly secured.   Firmware upgrades are also on the way for all gateways (both WiFi and Cellular), allowing support for Publishing and Subscribing to a byte array.  This will effectively add compatibility with all NCD endNode products using any WiFi or Cellular gateways.  NCD Cellular Gateways are based on the U-Blox cellular communications module, which adds best-in-class compatibility and support for encrypted cellular communications.  We are now targeting the first quarter of 2021 for a product release.