IoT Door Open Close Sensors for Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial & Industrial Refrigeration are in constant need of monitoring. As a facility operator or restaurant owner/manager, it is imperative to always be in the know as to whether your inventory is being kept at a safe temperature. Not only for purposes of preserving supply, but the FDA also has strict guidelines as to what temperature certain foods should be kept to ensure safety for all restaurant patrons and retail food buyers. NCD’s IoT Door Open Close Sensor can ensure food safety while enclosed in many different types of coolers and freezers for several types of industries. Click below to learn more about NCD’s Iot Door Open Close Sensor.

Door Open Close Sensor

Commercial and industrial refrigerators and coolers can be used in many different industries. Below lists some of these industries. The types of coolers and freezers used to keep food and beverages at safe, and desirable temperatures should also be monitored using an IoT Door Open Close Sensors to ensure loss prevention. This type of condition based monitoring will save money, energy, and inventory. 


Commercial facilities use a variety of refrigeration and cooling systems to ensure quality. Commercial reach-in coolers and freezers are shallow enough to reach in, but deep enough to store the inventory needed. Walk-in refrigerators and freezers store large amounts of food and beverages for future use. Meat lockers serve a slightly different purpose. Generally speaking, meat needs to be hung in a cooled area for a certain period of time until it is safe to consume by the public. Commercially, these areas are large, and need to be kept within a certain temperature. NCD’s IoT Door Open Close Sensors can monitor if these doors have been opened and closed, or have been left open too long, causing harm to the supply.

IoT Door Open Closed Sensors


Retail operations such as grocery stores, convenience stores and gas stations also use many different kinds of freezers and coolers within their operations. Some of these implementations include glass door coolers for beverages, walk-in beverage storages, deli cases, fish coolers, blast chillers, ice makers and freezers, and also floral coolers. Each one of these freezers and coolers depend on staying at a deliberate temperature to ensure the intended product keeps fresh for a long period of time.

IoT Door Open Closed Sensor

Restaurants & Bars

Restaurants and bars alike rely heavily on the use of coolers and freezers within their facilities to ensure quality and safety standards are being met with all food and drink available to the public. Health inspections within these facilities are common. However, there is much more peace of mind when an owner or manager of such facilities can monitor whether their coolers or freezers are secure. Some of these include walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers, wine coolers, undercounter refrigeration systems, and many more.

IoT Door Open Closed Sensors

NCD’s IoT Door Open Close Sensors can provide peace of mind to managers and owners of any commercial refrigeration or freezer system looking to ensure safety standards, loss prevention, and quality product at all times. Click below to see NCD’s Enterprise Line of Sensors, or Contact Us with any questions you may have!