Industrial IoT Wireless Transmitter



  • An industrial long range sensor built for Tomorrow’s IIoT applications
  • Industrial Grade Battery Powered Wireless Transmitter Device
  • Measure Over 20+ Parameter using the ncd sensor Porbes 
  • Long Range 128 bit AES Encrypted Wireless communication 
  • Powered By 6AA L91 Non Rechargeble Batteries 
  • 10 Year + Battery Life
  • Industrial M12 or M8 Sensor Probe connection
  • Mounting flanges for fast simple installation
  • Optional Magnetic feet for quick mounting of box.
  • 5 minute fast setup when used with NCD’s Enterprise Wireless Gateway
  • Log sensor telemetry locally or send it to virtually any cloud platform
  • Display sensor telemetry through a local dashboard on the Enterprise Gateway
  • Compatible with AWS IoT, Azure IoT, and many more.  Ask us if it’s right for your application
  • Multiple available long range wireless frequency options for your specific location
  • Available with 900 MHz, 868 MHz, or 2.4GHz
  • Up to 2 mile range with included antenna or 28 miles with 3rd party high gain antennas
  • Wireless protocol supports mesh topology for large facility coverage to a single Gateway
  • 2.5 dBi gain Antenna included for 900 MHz and 868MHz varients. 2.0 dBi for 2.4 GHz variant 
  • Change sensor settings including report interval using NCD’s On the Fly configuration technology
  • OTA firmware update compatible
  • SSCT Smart Sensor Configuration Technology.

Introducing NCD’s Long Range Industrial IoT Wireless Transmitter Device. This device supports multiple NCD wireless probes. These probes can collect over 20 mission-critical parameters from the factory floor.

Overview of NCD Long Range Wireless Sensor Transmitters

NCD Long Range Wireless Sensors Transmitters collect data from a specific industrial location, transmit these data to a local gateway or computer, and then go to sleep until the next data sampling cycle begins (based on a programmable interval).  Available with a wide range of sensor probes, NCD transmitters are capable of collection environmental, electrical, or physical movement data and transmit the sample results up to 2 miles away using encrypted long range wireless communications.  Powered by six AA Lithium-Ion batteries, NCD long range wireless sensor transmitters provide up to 10 years of battery powered operation in an impact and environmental resistant enclosure.

Manufactured and Tested by:
National Control Devices
430 Market St.
Osceola, MO 64776
Phone: (417) 646-5644


Presenting a Comprehensive List of Essential Features and Compatible Probes.

  1. Vibration Probe Integration: Ability to interface with a variety of vibration probes for real-time vibration monitoring, which aids in preventative maintenance and machinery monitoring.

  2. Current Sensor Probe Support: Equipped with capabilities to measure current using sensor probes for monitoring power usage and ensuring electrical safety.

  3. Temperature Probe Compatibility: Incorporates temperature probes to measure and monitor temperatures in a variety of environments for optimal operations.

  4. Temperature Humidity Probe Functionality: Provides high-accuracy humidity and temperature readings, ideal for maintaining ideal conditions in environments like server rooms or greenhouses.

  5. Air Quality Sensor Probe Interfacing: Measures a range of air quality parameters including particulate matter, carbon dioxide levels, volatile organic compounds, and other pollutants.

  6. Door Open/Close Monitoring: Integrated sensors for door monitoring, useful for security systems and ensuring restricted access to certain areas.

  7. Water Detection Probe Support: Able to interface with water detection probes for early detection of leaks and water damages, ideal for basements, bathrooms, and commercial buildings.

  8. Pressure Sensor Integration: Measures pressure levels with high precision, useful in various applications such as HVAC systems, industrial processes, and weather monitoring.

  9. Ultrasound Level Monitoring: Incorporates ultrasonic sensors for non-contact level measurement of various liquids and solids, often used in water treatment plants, silos, and the chemical industry.

  10. Ultrasound Vibration Detection: Ultrasound technology for early detection of mechanical failure, bearing defects, and other equipment problems.

  11. Oil Sensor Probe Compatibility: Capable of measuring oil quality and levels for automotive and industrial machinery applications, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the equipment.

  12. LVDT Probe Support: Compatible with linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) probes for measuring distances and positions.

  13. Air Velocity Probe Compatibility: Capable of measuring AIr Flow speed and Direction
  14. Wire Draw Sensor: Employing advanced technology for accurate distance monitoring, it is robustly designed for harsh environments. Ideal for industries like manufacturing, robotics, and construction, it is a crucial tool for exact linear measurements.
  15. CO2 Temperature Humidity Sensor: Measure High Accuracy CO2, temperature, and Humidity
  16. Dust Sensor: Utilizing advanced technology, this sensor is perfect for maintaining air quality standards in environments sensitive to particulate matter.
  17. Wireless Transmission: Equipped with wireless data transmission capabilities, enabling remote monitoring and data collection.

  18. Durable and Compact Design: Designed to be rugged and compact, ideal for a wide range of industrial environments.

  19. User-friendly Interface: Easy to set up and integrate with various probes and sensors, providing a seamless user experience.

  20. Real-time Alerts: Able to send real-time alerts and notifications based on the readings of the integrated probes, promoting preventative action and immediate response to any anomalies.

  21. Data Logging: Ability to store and log data for future reference and analysis, promoting trend analysis and predictive maintenance ( Devie does NOT store any Data, data storage must be done on the gateway).

  22. Battery Operated: Powered by a long-life battery, making it ideal for locations where direct power sources may not be available.

  23. Interoperability: Capable of working with various types of probes, ensuring broad application in a variety of fields.

  24. Integration with IoT Platforms: Can be easily integrated with popular IoT platforms for data analytics, visualization, and creating automated workflows.

This Industrial IoT Wireless Transmitter Device features an open communication protocol, allowing it to broadcast data secured by hardware encryption. This makes it highly adaptable for integration with virtually any control system or gateway. It has the capability to simultaneously transmit data to a multitude of platforms, including a personal computer, Raspberry Pi, Losant IoT cloud, Microsoft® Azure® IoT, and embedded systems. You can easily customize the sensor parameters and wireless transmission settings via our complimentary LabVIEW® desktop monitoring software.

Considering its extensive range, cost-effectiveness, precise accuracy, long battery life, and robust security features, the Wireless Vibration Sensor is an outstanding and affordable option. It not only meets but exceeds the necessities for a wide range of applications in both industrial and consumer markets.

Technical SpecificationsDetailsNotes
Long Range Wireless RadioUp to 2 Miles (900MHz)
Frequency Range866MHz, 900MHz, and 2.4GHz900MHz Yields the Best Range, but is not legal in all countries
866MHz RadioUp to 2KMMostly for European Countries, Basic Penetration through Walls due to Low Power
900MHz RadioUp to 2 MilesNot Legal in All Countries, but a Popular Choice in the United States, Good Penetration through Obstacles
2.4GHz RadioUp to 1000 FeetLegal in Most Countries, Basic Penetration through Walls
Battery ConfigurationEnergizer L91 AA x 6 PiecesEnergizer Lithium L91 ONLY, Non-Rechargeable, 2 Parallel, 3 Serial (2P3S Configuration)
Battery Polarity ProtectionYesAutomatic Resetting Fuse x 3 Pieces, Not User-Serviceable
Power Consumption (Sleeping)<1 mAMaximum Power Consumed with Device is Sleeping
Power Consumption (Transmitting)~250 mAMaximum Power Consumed during Radio Transmission
Sleep Interval10-999 SecondsTransmitter Wakes Up, Samples and Sends Data, then Goes Back to Sleep
Installation TypeIndoor or OutdoorNot for Use in Submersible Applications
Included AccessoriesAntenna, Probe, Batteries
Required AccessoriesGateway, Modem
Optional AccessoriesMagnetic Mounting HardwareMay Also be Installed with Appropriate Screws or Zip Ties Depending on Application Requirements
3rd Party AccessoriesEnergize L91 AA BatteriesNot For Use with Any Other 3rd Party Accessories, Including Probes, Modems, or Gateways, Except Mounting Accessories
Enclosure RatingIP65
Environmental ConditionsMinimumAverageMaximumNotes
Temperature-40 °C+20 °C+60 °C
Pollution098300AQI Air Quality Index (Tested)

List of the Supported Probes by NCD Industrial IoT Transmitter Device

3-Axis Vibration And Temperature Probe 

3-Axis Vibration And Temperature Probe
3-Axis Vibration And Temperature Probe

Introducing our cutting-edge Industrial-Grade 3-axis Vibration Sensor. Designed with a robust ±16g range, this sensor is expertly engineered for sophisticated vibration analysis and anomaly detection. It can calculate a host of crucial parameters, including RMS and MAX g vibration, RMS velocity vibration, and RMS displacement, thereby furnishing users with valuable insights into the performance and health of their machinery.

The defining feature of this sensor is its built-in Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) analysis. This critical tool facilitates the conversion of vibration signals from the time domain to the frequency domain, uncovering vital patterns that can help anticipate potential machine failures ahead of time. By deploying FFT analysis, users can pinpoint specific frequency components within the vibration data, making it markedly easier to identify irregularities and detect anomalies at an early stage.

The sensor further distinguishes itself by being capable of transmitting raw time domain data for advanced vibration analysis. This extended capability enables users to conduct detailed studies on the collected data, providing an extra layer of in-depth analysis.

Enhancing the accuracy of its data, the sensor is equipped with noise reduction functionalities, utilizing both low-pass and high-pass filters to effectively eliminate irrelevant noise from the readings, thereby ensuring the analysis is focused on significant data.

With an operational frequency range (bandwidth) extending from 1.56Hz up to 6.4kHz, and reaching 8,000 Hz in time domain mode, the sensor covers a wide bandwidth for capturing and analyzing vibration data. Further, its high sample rate of up to 25,600Hz ensures swift and precise data capture.

The device also offers flexibility in installation, providing multiple probe mounting options like 1/4 NPT, 1/4-28 UNF, and magnet mount, to cater to a range of industrial applications. This sensor represents a vital component of any predictive maintenance toolkit, proving invaluable in facilitating effective and preemptive maintenance strategies.

Note — The temperature sensor is encapsulated inside the housing. 

AC Current Sensor Probe 

AC Current Sensor Probe
AC Current Sensor Probe

Presenting our state-of-the-art Industrial-Grade Current Sensor, a specialized device optimized for comprehensive current analysis. With the capability to measure RMS and MAX AC current, this sensor ensures accurate and real-time monitoring of electrical parameters, providing crucial insights into the health and efficiency of your electrical systems.

A defining feature of this sensor is its built-in Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) analysis capability. This powerful tool allows for the conversion of AC current signals from the time domain to the frequency domain, revealing vital patterns that can help anticipate potential electrical faults ahead of time. The FFT analysis lets users identify specific frequency components within the current data, making it significantly easier to detect irregularities and potential anomalies at an early stage.

Moreover, this sensor is proficient in determining AC current frequency. This crucial functionality aids in monitoring the stability and quality of the power supply, which is vital for the optimal functioning of electrical equipment.

The sensor also boasts noise reduction functionalities, employing both low-pass and high-pass filters to effectively eliminate irrelevant noise from the readings. This ensures that the analysis focuses solely on significant data, thus enhancing the accuracy of the sensor’s readings.

Designed for industrial use, this current sensor offers swift and precise data capture, ensuring rapid and efficient monitoring of electrical parameters. This device is not just a current sensor – it’s an essential part of your predictive maintenance strategy, providing an invaluable tool in facilitating effective and preemptive maintenance solutions.

High-Temperature Thermocouple Probe 

High-Temperature Thermocouple Probe
High-Temperature Thermocouple Probe

Introducing our premium Industrial-Grade K-type Thermocouple Probe, purpose-built for high-temperature readings. This precision-engineered probe ensures accurate and real-time temperature monitoring, providing crucial data for maintaining optimal operating conditions and ensuring the safety of your systems.

A distinguishing feature of this thermocouple probe is its capability to cater to high-temperature ranges. Tailored for use in environments demanding precision temperature measurements under extreme conditions, it is ideal for high-intensity industrial processes and advanced research applications.

In addition to being compatible with K-type thermocouples, this highly versatile device also supports an array of other thermocouple types, including J, T, N, S, E, B, and R. This expansive compatibility allows for its application across diverse industrial scenarios, guaranteeing accurate temperature measurements in any setting.

Crafted from durable materials, the probe is designed to withstand intense environments while maintaining reliable performance and longevity. It also offers rapid response times, enabling timely adjustments to processes as required, thereby ensuring both operational efficiency and product quality.

The thermocouple probe is more than just a temperature sensor – it’s a vital component of your heat management strategy. It plays a critical role in monitoring, controlling, and optimizing high-temperature operations.

This thermocouple probe finds wide applications in numerous fields including:

  • Petrochemical Thermal Management: Monitor temperature changes in real-time to maintain optimal operating conditions and prevent overheating.
  • Hand-Held Measurement Equipment: Provide accurate temperature readings in handheld devices used in a variety of fields.
  • Industrial Equipment Thermal Management: Regulate temperature levels in industrial machinery to prevent overheating and promote efficiency.
  • Commercial and Industrial Ovens: Accurate temperature control for consistent and optimal baking results.
  • Industrial Engine Thermal Monitor: Monitor and manage engine temperatures to prevent overheating and promote efficient operation.
  • Temperature Detection Racks: Keep track of temperature changes in server racks or other equipment racks to prevent heat-related damage.


With this thermocouple in your toolkit, you can confidently measure and control even the most extreme temperatures, making it an indispensable resource for any high-temperature application.

Temperature / Humidity Probe

Temperature / Humidity Probe
Temperature / Humidity Probe

Introducing our high-accuracy Industrial Wireless IoT Temperature Humidity Sensor, your go-to solution for rigorous environmental monitoring across extensive ranges. This industrial-grade sensor is optimized to deliver precise and real-time measurements of both temperature and humidity, providing critical data for the preservation of optimal operating conditions and the assurance of system safety.

Our sensor prides itself on its high accuracy, offering a sensor resolution of ±2%RH for humidity and ±0.2°C for temperature. These accurate readings are consistently maintained, whether operating within a controlled indoor environment or amidst the varying conditions outdoors.

The sensor’s versatility shines with its broad operating ranges. The sensor probe endures temperatures from -40 to +125ºC and copes with up to 90% humidity. This adaptability makes it a fit for a wide array of applications, from cold storage monitoring to managing heat in industrial processes.

Our Industrial Wireless IoT Temperature Humidity Sensor is more than a mere environmental monitor – it’s a crucial piece of your climate management strategy. With its precision, extensive operating ranges, and dependable performance, it’s an invaluable tool for a variety of applications such as:

  • In-House Temperature Humidity Monitoring: Ensure the comfort and health of building occupants by maintaining optimal climate conditions.
  • Factory Floor Temperature Monitoring: Maintain the safety and efficiency of your operations by avoiding overheating and other temperature-related issues.
  • Hospital, Medical Center Environment Monitoring: Guarantee patient comfort and safeguard delicate medical equipment by keeping temperature and humidity levels within safe ranges.
  • Storage Unit Weather Monitoring System: Protect the integrity of stored goods, from food to electronics, by ensuring the right climate conditions.
  • Warehouse Temperature Humidity Monitoring System: Preserve the quality of goods and protect equipment by maintaining appropriate temperature and humidity levels.
  • Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensor for Crawl Space: Prevent mold and structural damage by monitoring and controlling humidity in crawl spaces.
  • Temperature Humidity Sensor for Device Control Applications: Use real-time data to trigger automatic responses from HVAC systems, fans, dehumidifiers, and other devices.

With this sensor in your toolkit, you’re equipped to accurately measure and control temperature and humidity across broad ranges, making it an essential tool for any climate-sensitive application.

Air Quality Sensor Probe

Temperature / Humidity Probe
Air Quality Sensor Probe

We are excited to introduce our cutting-edge Industrial-Grade Environment IoT Sensor, a comprehensive solution for wide-ranging environmental monitoring. This industrial-grade sensor offers real-time measurements of temperature, pressure, humidity, gas resistance, and indoor air quality, providing critical data for sustaining an optimal and safe operating environment.

Our sensor stands out with its expansive operating ranges, covering a temperature span from -40 to +85 °C, a pressure spectrum from 300 to 1100% hPa, and a humidity scope from 0 to 100% r.H. This versatility ensures effective performance under a variety of environmental conditions.

Unique among its peers, our sensor can measure gas resistance output in Ohms, giving valuable insights into the presence of gases in the environment. Coupled with its ability to monitor temperature, pressure, and humidity, this sensor offers a comprehensive understanding of indoor air quality.

Furthermore, the sensor incorporates a built-in calculation for the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) metric, providing a simple-to-understand scale from 0-100. This user-friendly representation offers a quick overview of air quality, enabling immediate adjustments as needed.

The sensor also boasts configurable settings for heater temperature and duration used in gas resistance sampling, allowing users to customize these settings to their specific environmental monitoring requirements, enhancing the sensor’s adaptability.

Our Industrial-Grade Environment IoT Sensor extends beyond being a simple environmental monitor. It forms a vital element of your overarching environmental management strategy. With its wide range of measurements and adaptable features, it’s an invaluable tool for applications such as:

  • Industrial Monitoring: Track and control environment conditions to ensure optimal operation and safety in industrial facilities.
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessment: Monitor and manage indoor air quality in homes, offices, schools, or hospitals to ensure health and comfort.
  • Climate Control Systems: Provide data inputs for HVAC systems to ensure optimal temperature, humidity, and air quality.
  • Weather Stations: Accurately measure atmospheric conditions for meteorological data collection and forecasting.
  • Pollution Monitoring: Track pollutant levels in urban environments to study and mitigate the impact of pollution.
  • Laboratory and Research Facilities: Maintain precise control over environmental conditions required in scientific experiments.

With this sensor in your arsenal, you’re empowered to perform comprehensive and precise environmental monitoring, making it an indispensable asset for any application demanding meticulous environment tracking.

Door Open/Close Probe

Door Open/Close Probe
Door Open/Close Probe

Introducing our Enterprise-Grade Magnetic Reed Switch-Based Door Sensor, a pivotal addition to your security apparatus. This high-quality, industrial-grade sensor specializes in diligently monitoring the open and close status of doors, offering indispensable data that significantly bolsters your security measures and ensures a safe environment.

Our door sensor has been meticulously designed around the reliable and proven technology of a magnetic reed switch. When a magnetic field – from a magnet positioned appropriately on a door – comes into proximity with the sensor, it activates the sensor’s reed switch, thus completing an electrical circuit to denote a ‘closed’ status. Conversely, when the magnet moves away due to the door opening, the circuit breaks, signaling an ‘open’ status.

This sensor is characterized by its robustness and reliability. The streamlined design with minimal components contributes to its high durability and low failure rate, ensuring long-term, dependable operation. Furthermore, this streamlined simplicity allows for quick and straightforward installation and maintenance procedures, reducing downtime and associated costs.

Capable of providing real-time monitoring of door statuses, this sensor is a valuable addition to security infrastructures in various sectors, including commercial, industrial, and residential settings. Beyond doors, its versatility extends to monitoring the open or closed status of a wide range of objects, provided they can accommodate the sensor and the corresponding magnet.

Our Enterprise-Grade Magnetic Reed Switch-Based Door Sensor transcends the role of a basic open/close monitor. It forms an integral part of a comprehensive security strategy, offering steadfast performance and continuous monitoring capabilities. With its user-friendly installation, efficient operation, and broad applicability, it emerges as an essential asset for ensuring safety and enhancing security across multiple environments.

Water Detection Probe

Water Detection Probe
Water Detection Probe

Introducing Industrial-Grade Water Detection Probe, a crucial component in safeguarding your operations from the detrimental effects of water leaks. This robust, industrial-grade sensor specializes in accurately detecting water leaks in real-time, providing invaluable data that enables swift reaction to prevent damage and maintain operational safety.

Engineered for resilience and accuracy, our water detection probe is built to operate effectively in diverse industrial environments. It can reliably detect the presence of water through its highly sensitive probes, triggering an alarm signal for immediate response.

The standout feature of our sensor is its exceptional sensitivity and speed in detecting water presence, significantly reducing the potential for water-induced damage. Its streamlined design allows for ease of installation and maintenance, ensuring efficient operation and minimized downtime.

Our Industrial-Grade Water Detection Probe provides real-time monitoring, making it an essential part of safety systems in various sectors, including commercial, industrial, and residential environments. Applications extend beyond basic leak detection, providing essential information for a broad range of scenarios:

  • Industrial Manufacturing Facilities: Detect water leaks in machinery, pipelines, and storage tanks to prevent equipment damage and downtime.
  • Data Centers: Prevent damage to sensitive electronics and server systems by promptly detecting water leaks.
  • Residential and Commercial Buildings: Identify leaks in basements, bathrooms, kitchens, or HVAC systems to prevent property damage and mold growth.
  • Utility Facilities: Monitor water levels in dams, reservoirs, and wastewater treatment facilities to maintain safe operation.

Our Industrial-Grade Water Detection Probe extends beyond being a simple leak detector. It serves as a key instrument in your water management strategy, offering reliable performance and immediate leak detection. With its easy installation, straightforward operation, and wide range of applications, it’s an indispensable tool for maintaining safety and efficiency in any setting where water presence is a critical factor.

Pressure Sensor Probe

Pressure Sensor Probe​
Pressure Sensor Probe

Introducing our Industrial-Grade Long-Range Wireless Pressure Temperature Sensor, a crucial instrument for precision monitoring in high-stress environments. This high-performance, industrial-grade sensor is proficient at measuring pressure ranges from 100 PSI to 10,000 PSI, as well as temperature readings, delivering critical data for maintaining safe and efficient operations.

Our pressure sensor is designed for enduring resilience and reliability. It features an operating range from 0 to 10,000 psi and temperatures from -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to 185°F), ensuring robust performance across a wide spectrum of industrial environments. It’s equipped with an industry-standard 1/4 inch NPT male connector for easy integration into existing systems.

Notable for its precision, our sensor boasts an accuracy of ±0.5% FS for pressure and ±1.5℃ for temperature measurements. The rapid sampling frequency of 1.5ms ensures real-time monitoring and quick response times, which is critical in maintaining operational safety and efficiency.

In terms of stability, this sensor sets the bar high. Its long-term stability is rated at ±0.3% FS/year, reinforcing the sensor’s commitment to providing reliable and consistent data over its lifespan. Compatibility with various media – including gas, liquid, or vapor – further enhances its versatility and applicability.

Our Industrial-Grade Long-Range Wireless Pressure Temperature Sensor is more than a simple measurement tool. It is an integral component in your monitoring strategy, offering dependable performance and precise measurements. Applications of this sensor are varied and numerous:

  • Oil and Gas Industries: Monitor pressure in pipelines and storage tanks to ensure safe operations.
  • Industrial Manufacturing: Oversee pressure and temperature in machinery to prevent equipment failure.
  • HVAC Systems: Regulate system pressure and temperature for optimal performance.
  • Hydraulic Systems: Maintain appropriate pressure levels to ensure system safety and efficiency.
  • Process Control: Provide critical data for managing and controlling industrial processes.

With its robust design, high precision, and broad applicability, this sensor is a vital asset for any industry requiring stringent pressure and temperature monitoring.

Ultrasound Tank Level Probe

Ultrasound Tank Level Probe​
Ultrasound Tank Level Probe

Presenting our Industrial-Grade IoT Wireless Ultrasonic Tank Level Sensor, an indispensable tool for precise and reliable liquid level monitoring. This superior, industrial-grade sensor excels at accurately determining tank levels within a range of 500mm to 9999mm, with an impressive resolution of 1mm, providing critical data for optimal resource management and operational efficiency.

Constructed for durability and precision, our Ultrasonic Tank Level Sensor boasts an enviable reading-to-reading stability of 1mm at 1 meter (typical), ensuring consistent, reliable measurements. It can also operate within a range of 40mm to 499mm, albeit with reduced reliability, offering increased versatility in various industrial settings.

This sensor features advanced target size compensation, which results in greater consistency and accuracy of readings by adjusting for the size of the target surface. This capability ensures more accurate measurements, even in complex scenarios with varied target surfaces.

Our sensor arrives fully calibrated and linearized, equipped with temperature compensation to ensure accurate measurements across a broad spectrum of operating conditions. This means that the sensor is ready to perform right out of the box, and can reliably provide accurate measurements regardless of environmental temperature fluctuations.

Our Industrial-Grade IoT Wireless Ultrasonic Tank Level Sensor is an essential component in your resource management strategy, offering robust performance and precise level measurements. Its applications span a wide array of sectors:

  • Oil and Gas Industries: Monitor levels in storage tanks to ensure efficient resource management and safety.
  • Industrial Manufacturing: Manage chemical levels in processing tanks for optimal production.
  • Water Treatment Facilities: Monitor water levels in tanks and reservoirs for effective water management.
  • Agriculture: Keep an eye on water or feed levels in storage tanks for efficient farming practices.
  • Food and Beverage Industry: Ensure optimal levels of liquid ingredients in production tanks for quality control.

With its high precision, superior stability, and versatile application range, this sensor is a vital tool for any industry requiring stringent tank level monitoring.

Ultrasonic Vibration Sensor Probe

Ultrasonic Vibration Sensor Probe
Ultrasonic Vibration Sensor Probe
Ultrasonic Vibration Sensor Probe
Ultrasonic Vibration Sensor Probe

We’re proud to introduce our Industrial-Grade IoT Wireless Ultrasonic Vibration Sensor, a key instrument for implementing a successful predictive maintenance strategy. This advanced, industrial-grade sensor excels at accurately measuring and monitoring vibrational frequencies, providing crucial data that can predict potential machine failures and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Designed with durability and precision in mind, our Ultrasonic Vibration Sensor harnesses the power of ultrasound technology to detect and analyze minute vibrations in industrial machinery. These vibrational signals can be indicative of various mechanical issues, such as misalignments, imbalance, or wear and tear, allowing for timely intervention before catastrophic failures occur.

One of the standout features of our sensor is its sensitivity and accuracy. It’s capable of detecting even the smallest changes in vibration, ensuring early detection of any abnormalities. This allows your maintenance team to address issues proactively, reducing downtime and associated costs.

Our sensor comes fully calibrated and equipped with temperature compensation to ensure accurate measurements across a wide range of operating conditions. This means the sensor is ready to perform straight out of the box, providing reliable readings regardless of environmental temperature fluctuations.

Our Industrial-Grade IoT Wireless Ultrasonic Vibration Sensor is more than just a measurement tool; it’s an integral component of your predictive maintenance strategy, offering reliable performance and early detection of potential issues. Its applications are varied and numerous:

  • Manufacturing: Detect early signs of equipment failure to prevent costly downtime and maintain productivity.
  • Energy: Monitor turbines and generators to ensure optimal performance and longevity.
  • Oil and Gas: Proactively identify issues in pipelines and pumps, reducing the risk of leaks and system failures.
  • Transportation: Predict maintenance needs in vehicles and infrastructure, enhancing safety and efficiency.
  • Building Management: Keep HVAC systems, elevators, and other critical equipment running smoothly with early detection of potential issues.

With its exceptional sensitivity, superior accuracy, and wide applicability, this sensor is a vital tool for any industry requiring stringent vibration monitoring for predictive maintenance.

Oil Quality Analysis Sensor Probe 

Oil Quality Analysis Sensor Probe
Oil Quality Analysis Sensor Probe
Oil Quality Analysis Sensor Probe

Introducing our cutting-edge Industrial IoT Oil Analysis Sensor, an unrivaled asset in the realm of fluid monitoring and analysis. Engineered with precision and reliability, this industrial-grade sensor offers comprehensive oil analysis capabilities, measuring a multitude of parameters such as viscosity, density, oil quality, moisture content, and temperature – all simultaneously and in real-time.

The sensor employs an advanced precision resonant mechanism which is at the forefront of the industry. With dynamic viscosity detection that can reach up to 1200cP, it is adept at monitoring integrated oil quality, moisture content, water activity (saturation), micro moisture (PPM value), and temperature detection structure.

One of the key features of our Oil Analysis Sensor is its ability to calculate real-time kinematic viscosity, 40°C kinematic viscosity, 100°C kinematic viscosity, viscosity index, and electrical conductivity. This multi-functional capability is achieved through an internal model algorithm that processes and analyzes data in real-time, offering comprehensive insights into the state of the oil.

Moreover, the sensor is compact, making it an excellent choice for applications where space is a constraint. Despite its small size, it does not compromise on performance and is capable of fulfilling the demanding requirements of various industrial applications.

Our Industrial IoT Oil Analysis Sensor is an invaluable tool in preventive maintenance, quality control, and process optimization. Its applications are diverse and broad:

  • Manufacturing: Monitor and analyze hydraulic and lubricating oils for optimal machinery performance.
  • Energy Sector: Ensure turbines and generators operate efficiently by analyzing oil for any signs of degradation or contamination.
  • Automotive: Utilize in vehicle systems for real-time oil condition monitoring, extending engine life and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Maritime: Monitor oil quality on ships to enhance engine performance and reduce environmental impact.
  • Food and Beverage Industry: Ensure the quality of oils used in production processes, adhering to safety and quality standards.

With its remarkable precision, extensive analysis capabilities, and compact design, our Industrial IoT Oil Analysis Sensor is an indispensable tool for any industry requiring rigorous oil monitoring and analysis. Equip your operations with this sensor to enhance performance, reduce costs, and maintain the highest standards of quality and safety.

CO2 Temperature Humidity Probe 

CO2 Temperature Humidity Probe ​
CO2 Temperature Humidity Probe

Introducing our high-grade Industrial IoT CO2, Temperature, and Humidity Sensor, leveraging the superior performance of the SCD41 sensor module. This comprehensive, industrial-grade sensor excels at accurately measuring and monitoring carbon dioxide (CO2) levels, temperature, and humidity, providing critical data for maintaining optimal environmental conditions in a myriad of settings.

The SCD41 sensor module, at the heart of our device, stands out in the industry for its excellent performance, compact size, and low power consumption. This module allows our sensor to reliably measure CO2 concentration levels from 400 to 5000 ppm, with an accuracy of ±(30 ppm + 3%) within the 400-5000 ppm range. Additionally, it provides temperature readings within a range of -40°C to 70°C, and relative humidity from 0% to 100%.

Our sensor combines these three vital environmental parameters into a single device, offering an integrated solution to environmental monitoring. This simplifies data collection, allowing for easy analysis and actionable insights to maintain optimum environmental conditions.

The robust construction and reliability of our CO2, Temperature, and Humidity Sensor make it a valuable tool in a wide range of applications:

  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring: Monitor and manage air quality in buildings, offices, schools, and homes for a healthy indoor environment.
  • Greenhouses: Optimize growing conditions for various plants by monitoring and controlling CO2 levels, temperature, and humidity.
  • HVAC Systems: Enhance energy efficiency and comfort by adjusting ventilation based on real-time CO2, temperature, and humidity readings.
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical: Maintain precise environmental conditions in laboratories, storage areas, and patient care facilities.
  • Food Processing and Storage: Ensure optimal conditions for food preservation and prevent spoilage.

Equipped with the high-quality SCD41 sensor module, our Industrial IoT CO2, Temperature, and Humidity Sensors offers unrivaled precision, a wide measurement range, and diverse applicability. It is an indispensable tool for any industry requiring meticulous environmental monitoring.

Linear Displacement Sensor LVDT

Linear Displacement Sensor LVDT
Linear Displacement Sensor LVDT

Experience precision and reliability with our Industrial IoT Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) Sensor, designed for exact linear displacement measurements. This sensor provides high-performance data in real-time, allowing for remote monitoring and alerts, reducing manual tracking and enhancing efficiency. Its applications extend to multiple industries:

  • Manufacturing: Monitor assembly line processes and machine calibration.
  • Robotics: Track robotic arm positioning and movement.
  • Structural Monitoring: Detect shifts or settlements in bridges, dams, or buildings.
  • Hydraulic/Pneumatic Cylinder Positioning: Determine the position of a piston within a cylinder.

Our LVDT sensor leverages IoT to revolutionize linear displacement tracking, driving accuracy, safety, and operational efficiency in diverse applications.

Wire Draw Probe

Wire Draw Probe
Stuctural Displacedment With arrow

Presenting our premier Industrial IoT Wire Draw Sensor, meticulously engineered for precise linear displacement measurements. This sophisticated sensor delivers exacting readings, ensuring unfaltering performance even under the most challenging conditions. Its IoT capabilities facilitate remote data monitoring, real-time analysis, and prompt alert notifications, significantly augmenting operational efficiency and safety parameters.

Constructed for the rigours of industry, the sensor finds critical applications across a wide range of sectors. These include:

  • Manufacturing: Offering granular control and surveillance of intricate movements within automated production processes, ensuring enhanced product quality and systematic control.
  • Robotics: Accurate tracking and regulation of precise linear actions in robotic elements, fostering optimal operational efficiency.
  • Construction: Providing invaluable displacement measurements in mechanical and structural apparatus, bolstering safety procedures, and process precision.

By amalgamating exacting measurement capabilities with the transformative power of IoT, our Wire Draw Sensor stands at the forefront of the technological revolution, serving industries requiring stringent linear displacement monitoring with unparalleled professionalism.

Dust Sensor with Temperature Humidity Sensor 

Introducing our cutting-edge Industrial IoT Dust Sensor, which incorporates the esteemed SPS30 particulate matter sensor, complemented by the SHT45 temperature and humidity sensor. This sophisticated solution offers highly accurate and reliable measurements of particulate matter concentrations, along with temperature and humidity monitoring, all in real-time.

The SPS30 sensor is renowned for its precision in measuring PM1.0, PM2.5, PM4, and PM10, while the SHT45 provides exceptional accuracy in tracking temperature and humidity. Our IoT-enabled device is built for the rigors of industrial environments, with a robust construction that ensures uninterrupted performance under challenging conditions.

With IoT integration, this sensor allows for remote monitoring, data analytics, and instant alert notifications, significantly enhancing environmental quality control and safety measures.

Key applications include:

  • Air Quality Monitoring: Ensuring adherence to air quality standards in industrial facilities, laboratories, and urban environments.
  • HVAC Systems: Optimizing air handling and filtration in building management systems.
  • Health and Safety Compliance: Meeting regulatory requirements for workplace air quality.
  • Environmental Studies: Conducting research and gathering data on air quality trends.

This IoT Dust Sensor with integrated temperature and humidity measurement is an invaluable asset for industries and researchers dedicated to maintaining high standards of air quality and environmental monitoring.

0-10V Analog Input Device 

Introducing our versatile Industrial IoT Analog Sensor Reader, a state-of-the-art solution engineered for ultimate flexibility, precision, and efficiency. This device is uniquely designed to interface with any analog sensor outputting voltage signals, effortlessly transforming your wired analog output devices into IoT-enabled equipment.

With a focus on power efficiency, our Analog Sensor Reader operates in a low power mode, substantially extending its operational life and making it a truly sustainable choice for continuous monitoring tasks.

The highlight of this device is its outstanding accuracy and resolution. It boasts an impressive 15-bit resolution, ensuring the most precise readings in any operational conditions. This high-resolution data significantly enhances the quality of monitoring and control, leading to improved outcomes in process control, safety measures, and resource management.

Key applications include:

  • IoT Conversion: Seamlessly transform any traditional wired analog output device into an IoT-enabled device, providing real-time data access and remote control capabilities.
  • Industrial Process Monitoring: Enable IoT capabilities for traditional hardware, providing enhanced monitoring and control over your industrial processes.
  • Equipment Modernization: Upgrade your existing equipment with IoT functionalities, increasing efficiency, reliability, and lifespan.
  • Data Centralization: Consolidate data from various equipment into one accessible platform, facilitating better decision-making and resource allocation.

Whether your need is to convert temperature monitors, pressure gauges, flow meters, or any other analog signals into IoT devices, our IoT Analog Sensor Reader provides a comprehensive solution, propelling your business into the future of industrial IoT.

4-20mA Analog Input Device 

Introducing the Industrial IoT 4-20mA Sensor Interface, an avant-garde solution meticulously engineered to facilitate the seamless integration of 4-20mA output devices with the Internet of Things (IoT). This transformative device is specifically designed to interface with any equipment that outputs a 4-20mA current loop, bringing connectivity, remote monitoring, and control to your industrial applications.

Emphasizing power efficiency, our 4-20mA Sensor Interface operates in a low power mode, significantly prolonging its service life and establishing it as an environmentally responsible choice for uninterrupted monitoring.

One of the salient features of this device is its superior accuracy and resolution. With an exceptional 15-bit resolution, it guarantees ultra-precise readings under varying conditions. This high-resolution data enhances the monitoring and control quality, driving process optimization, safety improvements, and effective resource management.

Noteworthy applications include:

  • IoT Integration: Effortlessly convert any 4-20mA output equipment into an IoT-connected device, unlocking real-time data monitoring and remote control capabilities.
  • Industrial Process Control: Integrate 4-20mA devices with IoT to achieve advanced process monitoring, diagnostics, and automation.
  • Remote Equipment Monitoring: Monitor and control field equipment remotely, minimizing maintenance trips and optimizing asset performance.
  • Predictive Maintenance: Utilize data gathered from 4-20mA devices for predictive maintenance, reducing downtimes and maintenance costs.

Our Industrial IoT 4-20mA Sensor Interface is an all-encompassing solution for businesses seeking to modernize their 4-20mA devices and leverage the powerful capabilities of IoT, ensuring cutting-edge performance and efficiency in industrial applications.


Transmission Rating500,000Total Number of Wireless Transmissions When Using 6 AA Batteries
Batteries266May be Powered by 2,4 or 6 AA Batteries
Battery Life 1 TPD10 YearsTPD Transmissions per Day
Battery Life 3 TPD8 YearsTPD Transmissions per Day
Battery Life 6 TPD4 YearsTPD Transmissions per Day
Battery Life 12 TPD2 YearsTPD Transmissions per Day
Battery Life 24 TPD1 YearTPD Transmissions per Day
Enclosure RatingIP65, NEMA 1,2,4,4X,12,13, UL-508
Temperature Rating-40° C23° C60° CComponent Rating
Tested Temperature0° C23° C60° CAs Tested by NCD Staff
Battery Temperature-40° C23° C60° CDevice Rating
Use Energizer Ultimate Lithium ONLY for Best Performance
All Ratings are for 6 Batteries
Actual Battery Life is Dependent On Transmission Interval, Temperature and Environment
Battery Shelf Life Does Not Exceed 10 Years Therefore NCD Does Not Rate Battery Life Beyond the Shelf Life of Available Batteries
** Please note that certain sensors with higher power consumption may result in a reduced battery life.



  1. Vibration Probe: Predictive maintenance, machinery health monitoring, structural health monitoring, process control.
  2. Current Sensor Probe: Power consumption analysis, electrical load monitoring, condition-based maintenance, overcurrent protection.
  3. Temperature Probe: HVAC monitoring and control, industrial process control, equipment health monitoring, food safety, and storage.
  4. Temperature Humidity Probe: Environmental monitoring, agricultural monitoring, HVAC control, data center monitoring, weather stations.
  5. Air Quality Sensor Probe: Indoor air quality monitoring, HVAC system optimization, pollution mapping, industrial emission monitoring.
  6. Door Open/Close: Building automation, intrusion detection systems, data center security, equipment access monitoring.
  7. Water Detect Probes: Leak detection in pipelines, flood warning systems, wastewater monitoring, irrigation control.
  8. Pressure Sensor: Industrial process control, fluid level measurement, weather stations, HVAC system monitoring.
  9. Ultrasound Level: Liquid level measurement, waste management, tank level monitoring, agricultural applications.
  10. Ultrasound Vibration: Predictive maintenance, structural health monitoring, process control.
  11. Oil Sensor Probe: Engine oil quality monitoring, predictive maintenance in machinery, process control in oil-related industries.
  12. CO2 Sensor: Indoor air quality monitoring, HVAC control, environmental monitoring, greenhouses.
  13. PM Sensor: Air pollution monitoring, HVAC system optimization, health studies, environmental research.
  14. Wire Draw Sensor: Position measurement, quality control in manufacturing, industrial automation, robotics.
  15. Linear Displacement Sensor (LVDT): Precision displacement measurement, structural health monitoring, quality control in manufacturing.
  16. 4-20mA/0-10V/0-24V/0-48V: Virtually any application that uses analog signals, including industrial automation, environmental monitoring, equipment health monitoring.
  17. Air Flow: HVAC system optimization, wind speed monitoring, airflow control in tunnels, safety applications in mines.
  18. Strain Gauge: Load measurement, structural health monitoring, quality control in manufacturing, testing in civil engineering.

Mechanical Specifications


The Industrial IoT Wireless Transmitter hardware is comprised of two primary components:

A. The Main Electronics Box: This white box houses critical electronic components such as the Microcontroller Unit (MCU), Radio Module, Power Circuitry, Power Control Unit, Status LED, On/Off Switch, and Configuration Button, among others.


B. The Probe: The sensor cable on this probe is a shielded, twisted pair wire that extends to a length of 2 meters. It can operate efficiently within a temperature range of -40°C to 85°C.

Probe Mounting Options: Depending on the type of probe, there are a few common mounting options available:

  • Magnetic Mount
  • 1/4-28 UNF Thread Mount
  • 1/4 NPT Thread Mount
  • Flange Mount

Main Box Mounting Option –

  • Magnetic Mount
  • 116158-Phillips Head Screw and 119931 Nut 
  • 241629-Flat Head Screw and 119931 Nut 



Sensor Hardware

A. Main Electronics Box — This box ( White Box) contains Electronics such as MCU, Radio Module, Power Circuitry, Power Control unit, Status LED, on/off Switch, Configuration Button etc.
Wireless IoT Transmitter Box
Wireless IoT Transmitter Box
B. The Probe — The probe is made of steel. It contain the Vibration sensor and the temperature Sensor.  It comes with 3 mounting option such as 1/4 NPT, 1/4-28 UNF and magnetic Mount. The sensor cable length is 2meter and its shielded twisted pair wire cable. sensor cable length is 2meter and its shielded twisted pair wire cable Vibration sensor

Printed Circuit Board Specification

Trace Width 0.007 inch0.012inch0.25inchTrace Width depends on the Trace Type
Layer Count2L-Rigid Top and Bottom Layer
Material Type FR-4 TG170FR-4 TG170FR-4 TG180
Surface FinishENIG 2u”
Finished Copper Foil1.0/1.0 OZ
Finished Thickness0.062 inch
Fine line<4.0/4.0mil:No
Blind & Burried ViasNo
Non-Conductive ResinNo
Conductive ResinNo

UL Certificate Number — 20150704-E365663

Industrial IoT Wireless Transmitter Power Requirements

This Industrial IoT Wireless Transmitter uses six AA batteries conveniently housed within the enclosure lid compartment. We recommend using Energizer L91 batteries for optimal performance.

Please note, the L91 batteries are non-rechargeable Li-Ion batteries. During the battery replacement process, adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Switch off the sensor before initiating the battery change.
  2. Always use new L91 batteries.
  3. Observe the polarity markings on both the battery holder and batteries to ensure correct installation.
  4. Replace all six batteries simultaneously; mixing old and new batteries is not recommended.
  5. Avoid changing batteries in areas where there’s a risk of fire.
  6. Rechargeable batteries are not suitable for this device.
  7. Batteries are installed in 2S3P Configuration 

Power Ratings:

  • Maximum power usage during data transmission is 300mW.
  • Power consumption during sleep or idle operation is minimal, at 0.165mW.

Battery Specs 

Industrial IoT Wireless Transmitter uses six AA batteries conveniently Industrial IoT Wireless Transmitter uses six AA batteries conveniently datasheet

Industrial IoT Wireless Transmitter uses six AA batteries conveniently user instrutions

Sensor Radio Technology

NCD Long Range Wireless Sensors are available with many radio options, which should be carefully chosen based on the country of installation. NCD uses Digi radios exclusively because of their best-in-class range, reliability, wide operating temperature, and low power operation. Please note that not all options are legal for use in all areas, so it’s important to make the right selection during purchase.  NCD manufactures sensors based on the radio options chosen, we do not typically restrict radios to certain countries so please check local laws BEFORE purchase.  Here, we will explain the radio options in greater detail to help guide users into the correct radio based on installation country.

XBee PRO 538 External Module without Antenna

900MHz for Use in the United States

If NCD sensors will be installed within the United States, the 900MHz (North America) option is the best choice, offering the longest possible range of up to 2 Miles Line of Sight and up to 28 Miles using High-Gain Antennas.  This option can typically work up to 1,000 feet indoors (depending on building materials, concrete and steel building typically reduce the operational range significantly).  This option is typically not legal for use outside North America.

868MHz Module

868MHz for Use in Europe

If NCD sensors will be installed in Europe, the 868MHz (Europe Only) option is the best choice, offering the longest possible range of up to 14.5km Line of Sight.  This option is typically not legal for use outside of Europe.

2.4GHz Module

2.4GHz for Worldwide Use

The 2.4GHz Option is generally legal for use in most countries, including Europe and the United States and offers a range of up to 2 Miles (3200 Meters) Line of Sight or up to 300 feet (about 90 Meters) indoors.  Because of the widespread use of 2.4GHz, the rated ranges are rarely achieved.  The 900MHz and 868MHz communication modules are a far better choice for users in the United States and Europe respectively.  Users who may require worldwide compliance should use the 2.4GHz option, but this option should be considered if the above options are not legal for use.

Electrical Parameters


NCD Wireless Sensor Transmitters operate on Batteries with the following specifications.  Please note that battery life will be severely impacted if batteries are not installed correctly.  NCD Wireless Sensor Transmitters were designed and characterized for use with Energizer L91 Non-Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries ONLY.  All other batteries will not yield the performance or environmental characteristics as outlined in this document.  Care should be taken to replace all batteries at one time and not mix old batteries with new batteries.  Do not mix batteries or use batteries from any other manufacturer, Replace ONLY with six new pieces of Energizer L91 AA battery. The Energizer batteries specified for use with this device do not require ventilation and will not build up gases making the unsafe for operation.

This device includes reverse polarity battery protection by way of three in-built non-serviceable PPTC Resettable Fuses. PPTCs increase resistance as temperature increases due to increased flow. Designed to limit unsafe currents while allowing constant safe current levels, resistance will “reset” automatically when the fault is removed and temperature returns to a safe levels.  During a fault condition, it is normal for one or more PPTC temperature to increase.  Temperature will remain elevated until the fault is corrected or the batteries charge is depleted, whichever comes first.  For maximum battery life, we suggest checking the battery orientation carefully prior to securing the lid of the sensor to the main body of the NCD Wireless Sensor Transmitter.  Installing batteries backwards will result in an excessively short battery life and significantly diminished operational life, but the device will remain safe to handle as it does NOT pose a risk of fire or explosion.

Battery Orientation Note:   Please note that one battery is installed in the lid of the enclosure in a different orientation in comparison to the other five batteries.  Also note the battery clip on the left size is very close to an adjacent battery clip.  These two clips that are in close proximity are electrically connected, so there is no risk of shorting should their be accidental contact between the two specified clips.  The center clip on each battery has no electrical connection, and is used solely for the purpose of firmly holding the battery in place during a vibration or impact event.

BatterySize AA Energizer L91 Lithium IonNon-Rechargable
Configuration6 Cells, 2P3STwo Series, Three Parallel, with Polarity Protection
Minimum Operation Voltage2.1VDCBattery Dead Voltage
Maximum Operating Voltage3VDCBattery New Voltage
Current Rating (Transmitting)250maPeriodic Interval During Transmission
Current Rating (Sleeping)<1mAStandby Operation
External PowerNot SupportedThis Device is Characterized for Use with Batteries ONLY, External Supplies are Not Supported


Environmental Parameters


The following Environmental Parameters help guide the typical installation conditions for which NCD sensors are installed and used.  Please note the conditions shown represent typical guidelines rather than hard limits.  NCD sensors are typically characterized for use in indoor and outdoor environments and have been tested in above sea level installations and may be suitable for use in high altitude ground installation applications.  NCD sensors have not been characterized for use in high-altitude flight applications.  NCD sensors should not be submerged.

Environmental ConditionsMinimumAverageMaximumNotes
Temperature-40 °C+20 °C+60 °C
Pollution098300AQI Air Quality Index (Tested)

Installation Guidelines


  1. Unpacking: Carefully unpack your wireless IoT sensor and its antenna from their packaging.
  2. Power Supply: Install 6 AA batteries in the enclosure lid compartment of the sensor. Always use new Energizer L91 Non-rechargeable batteries, replacing all six at the same time without mixing old and new batteries. Ensure batteries are installed according to the polarity indicated on the battery holder.
  3. Securing the Lid: The Long Range Wireless Sensor comes with 4 Pieces of 6-32 x 1.25″ Stainless Steel Machine threaded screws, used to secure the lid to the base enclosure.  Care should be taken not to loose these screws during battery installation.  All screws must be in place to form a proper seal of the enclosure.
  4. Antenna Installation: Your sensor will come with an external antenna. Screw the antenna into the designated spot on the sensor. Make sure the connection is firm but do not over tighten. Ensure that the antenna is upright for optimal signal strength. Keep the antenna away from metal objects, as they can interfere with the signal.
  5. Positioning the Sensor: Place the sensor in the desired location based on its type. For example, a door sensor should be attached to the door frame and the door itself. An air quality sensor should be placed in an area where it can accurately measure air parameters.
  6. Sensor Connectors: Sensor Connectors Should Face Down with the labeling on the sensor readable in a standard position when mounting on a wall or other vertical surfaces.
  7. Configuration: Switch on the sensor to enter its configuration mode. Use the manufacturer’s software on your PC to adjust the sensor parameters and wireless transmission settings.
  8. Connecting to Your Network: Ensure the sensor is within the range of your wireless network. The sensor will automatically connect to the network. Network credentials may be needed depending on your network’s security protocols.
  9. Testing: Test the sensor after setup to ensure it is working properly. This could involve triggering the sensor (e.g., opening a door for a door sensor) or waiting for it to send data (e.g., temperature or humidity readings).
  10. Mounting the Sensor: Mount the sensor in its final location. Various mounting options are available such as screws, adhesive mounts, zip ties, or magnets for easy placement and removal.  To maximize mounting options, six holes are provided, three on each side of the sensor enclosure.  Four of the six mounting holes are .188″ in diameter while the remaining two slide-lock mounting holes are .400″ in diameter with a maximum of .810″ slide.  Screw heads should not exceed .400″ when using the slide-lock mounting holes.
  11. Continuous Monitoring: Your sensor should now be transmitting data to your chosen control system or gateway. It’s advisable to monitor the system initially to ensure everything is working as expected.

Always refer to the manufacturer’s manual and installation guide for the best results as this general guide may not cover specific installation steps for all types of sensors.

Note: Regularly check the battery status of the sensor and replace them when needed to ensure continuous and accurate readings. For battery replacement, turn off the sensor and avoid replacing batteries in fire-risky areas. Do NOT install rechargeable batteries. Prefer a non-hazardous environment for battery replacement.

Troubleshooting Guide


If you find that your NCD wireless IoT transmitter device is not transmitting data to your gateway, here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue:

Check Sensor Status:

  1. Ensure that the sensor is powered on.
  2. Confirm the batteries are in good condition. If the sensor has been left in configuration mode for an extended period, the batteries may be drained and need replacement.
  3. Check that the antenna is connected properly and the pigtail is secured.
  4. Press the reset button on the sensor. The sensor should then send a welcome message, followed by a sensor data packet. This would confirm that the sensor is working as expected.
  5. Check the status of the sensor’s LED. If the LED is blinking as per its normal operation pattern, the sensor is working.

Check Receiver Status:

  1. If you’re using a modem, verify that you’ve selected the correct port settings.
  2. Make sure that the radio modules of the sensor and the modem/gateway are operating on the same frequency.
  3. Confirm that the gateway is connected to WiFi.
  4. Maintain a distance of at least 3 feet between the gateway and sensor to avoid any interference.

Remember, the NCD wireless IoT transmitter device is designed to work with any NCD modems and gateways, and can transmit data to any cloud or local server. If problems persist after performing these troubleshooting steps, please consult the device manual or contact customer support for further assistance.

Sensor Support Map


SensorSensor Type Product SKU Alpha StationAWS GatewayAzure GatewayLosant GatewayMQTT GatewayNode RedLabViewPythonMin Sample Interval
Temperature Humidity Sensor1PR49-24AYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes3Sec
Push Notification 2-Channel2PR52-3DYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesStatus change And 3 Sec
ADC Converter 2-Channel3PR52-1YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes3Sec
Thermocouple 1-Channel4PR52-2YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes3Sec
Gyro Magneto Acellero5PR49-24DYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes5Sec
Wireless Pressure Sensor6PR49-24HYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes3Sec
Acceleration and Impact Detection7PR49-24KYesYesYesYesYesYesYesStatus change and 3Sec
Wireless Vibration Sensor8PR49-24EYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes5Sec
Wireless Proximity Sensor9PR49-24BYesYesYesYesYesYesYes3Sec
Wireless Ambient Light Sensor10PR49-24CYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes3Sec
In Development - Wireless Color Sensor11
Wireless 3 Channel Thermocouple Sensor12PR55-19BYesYesYesYesYesUntestedYes5Sec
Wireless 1 Channel AC Current Sensor13PR52-7YesYesYesYesYesYesYes6Sec
Wireless 1 Channel 4-20mA Receiver14PR52-9YesYesYesYesYesUntestedYes3Sec
Wireless 1 Channel 0-10V Receiver15PR52-10YesYesYesYesYesUntestedYes3Sec
Wireless 1 Channel Soil Moisture Sensor16PR55-2BYesUntestedUntestedUntestedUntestedUntested3Sec
Wireless 1 Channel AC Voltage Sensor17PR52-13YesUntestedUntestedUntestedUntestedUntestedYes6Sec
Wireless 1 Channel Frequency/Pulse Sensor18PR52-14YesUntestedUntestedUntestedUntestedUntestedYes3Sec
Wireless 2 Channel Current Sensor19PR55-4BYesYesYesYesYesUntestedYes6Sec
Wireless High Precision Pressure Sensor20PR55-24YesYesYesYesYesUntestedYes3Sec
Wireless Differential Bi directional Pressure Sensor21PR49-24MYesYesYesYesYesUntestedYes3Sec
Wireless 0-24V AC/DC Optically Isolated Inputs22PR52-12YesUntestedUntestedUntestedUntestedUntestedYesStatus change and 3Sec
Wireless 2 Channel Thermocouple Sensor23PR55-19AYesYesYesYesYesUntestedYes3Sec
Wireless Activity detection sensor24PR49-24JYesYesYesYesYesYesYesStatus change and 3Sec
Wireless Asset Monitor sensor25PR49-24IYesYesYesYesYesYesYesStatus change
Wireless Pressure Sensor26PR52-33PYesUntestedUntestedUntestedUntestedUntested3Sec
Wireless Environmental Sensor27PR49-24L
Wireless 3 Channel Current Sensor28PR55-26CYesUntestedUntestedUntestedUntestedUntested6Sec
Wireless Linear Displacement Sensor29PR55-2EYesUntestedUntestedUntestedUntestedUntested3Sec
Wireless Structural Monitoring Sensor30PR55-2FYesUntestedUntestedUntestedUntestedUntested3Sec
Air Quality TVOC eCO2 Temperature and Humidity Sensor31PR49-24GYes24Sec
Particulate Matter Sensor32PR52-33MYes60Sec
Wireless AC Current Detect Sensor33PR52-45YesStatus change and 3Sec
Wireless Tank Level34Yes3Sec
Wireless 1 Channel Counter35PR52-3BYesYesYesYesYesYesYesCounter Thershold and 3Sec
Wireless 2 Channel Counter36PR52-3CYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesCounter Thershold and 3Sec
Wireless 7 Push Notification37PR52-18YesYesYesYesYesYesYesStatus change and 3Sec
In Development38
Wireless 3 Wire RTD Temperature Sensor39PR52-27YesUntestedUntestedUntestedUntestedUntested3Sec
Wireless Enterprise Vibration Sensor**40PR52-33NYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes10Sec
RPM Proximity Sensor41YesUntestedUntestedUntestedUntestedYesYes3Sec
Wireless 0-24VDC Voltage Monitor42PR52-10AYes6Sec
Wireless Dual Temperature Humidity Current Detection Sensor43PR55-41AYesStatus change and 3Sec
Wireless CO2 Gas Sensor44PR52-33QYes60Sec
4-20mA 16-Bit Input Transmitter45PR55-5AYes6Sec
Motion Detection Sensor46PR52-48YesStatus change and 3Sec
Wireless Tilt Sensor47PR52-33_TS3Sec
4-20mA 16-Bit Input Transmitter48PT55-48Yes - Untested6Sec
Wireless 6 Channel Thermocouple Sensor49PR55-47_6TC6Sec
Predictive Maintenance Sensor50PR55-20AYesUntestedUntestedUntestedUntestedUntested10Sec
6 Channel Current Sensor51PR55-59_6CTYes - Untested10Sec
Wireless 2 Channel 4-20mA Receiver 52PR55-47_2CRYes - Untested6Sec
Wireless Air Quality CO2 and PM Sensor53PR55-59_THPCYes - Untested60Sec
Wireless 2 Channel RTD54PR55-47_2RTDYes - Untested6Sec
Wireless 3 Channel RTD55PR55-47_3RTD10Sec
Wireless 2 Channel 0-10VDC Receiver 56PR55-47_2DCYes - Untested6Sec
Wireless Air Flow/Velocity Sensor60PR55-24V3Sec
Wireless pH Temperature Sensor61PR55-47pHYes60Sec
Wireless ORP Temperature Sensor62PR55-47ORPYes - Untested60Sec
Wireless pH and ORPTemperature Sensor63PR55-47pHORPYes60Sec
Wireless EC Sensor64PR55-47ECYes60Sec
Wireless DO Sensor65PR55-47DOYes - Needs Parser Review60Sec
Wireless EC and DO Sensor66PR55-47EC_DOYes - Needs Parser Review60Sec
Wireless PAR Sensor67PR55-57PARYes60Sec
Wireless 2 Channel Soil Moisture Sensor68PR55-2C60Sec
Wireless 1 Channel Soil Temp Moisture and EC Sensor69PR55-57_SLA60Sec
Wireless 2 Channel Soil Temp Moisture and EC Sensor70PR55-65_SLB60Sec
Wireless 3 Channel Soil Temp Moisture and EC Sensor71PR55-65_SLC60Sec
Wireless SDI Soil Moisture Temperature Moisture Probe72PR55-66A60Sec
Wireless Siemens Air Velocity Probe75PR55-5C20Sec
Wireless CO Sensor 76Yes - Untested90Sec
Wireless 3 Channel SDI Soil Moisture Temperature Moisture Probe77PR55-66C60Sec
Wireless Oil Particulate Count Sensor 78PR55-81P60Sec
Wireless Oil Quality Analysis Sensor 79PR55-57E60Sec
Wireless Enterprise Vibration Sensor V380PR55-61E5Min
Wireless Enterprise Dual Vibration Sensor V381Yes - Untested5Min
Predictive Maintenance V3 Sensor82Yes - Untested5Min
Standalone Smart Vibration Sensor V384Yes - Untested5Min
Wireless One Channel Auto Lubricator 85PR55-81OL5Min
Wireless 1 Channel Current Sensor With Frequency 87PR55-59BFYesUntestedUntestedUntestedUntestedUntested10Sec
Wireless One Channel Ultrasound Sensor88PR55-81USYesUntestedUntestedUntestedUntestedUntested10Sec
Wireless Two Channel Ultrasound Sensor89PR55-81UYesUntestedUntestedUntestedUntestedUntested10Sec
Wireless 1 Channel 0-100Amp DC Current Sensor90PR55-5DCYesUntestedUntestedUntestedUntestedUntested10Sec
Wireless Air Velocity Sensor HVAC 91PR55-81AV20Sec
Wireless 3 Channel Current Sensor With Frequency 92PR55-59CFYesUntestedUntestedUntestedUntestedUntested10Sec
Wireless Oil Quality Analysis Sensor Lite93PR55-57OL60Sec
Wireless 1 Channel 0-24V DC Receiver 95PR55-5F_24V6Sec
Wireless 1 Channel 0-48V Receiver 96PR55-5F_48V6Sec
Wireless 1 Auto Luber With Ultrasound Vibration Sensor105PR55-85_1AL6Sec
Wireless 2 Channel Auto Luber With Ultrasound Vibration Sensor106PR55-85_2AL6Sec
Wireless 4 Channel 4-20mA Transmitter 107PR55-89D6Sec
Wireless Machine Uptime Monitor Sensor 108PR55-87UT6Sec
Wireless Enterprise Vibration Sensor V4110PR55-95E5Min
Wireless Enterprise Dual Vibration Sensor V4111PR55-95NYes - Untested5Min
Predictive Maintenance V4 Sensor112PR55-95PMYes - Untested5Min
Standalone Smart Vibration Sensor V4114PR55-83A
Yes - Untested5Min
C_Current_1C505Yes - Untested
C_Current_3C506Yes - Untested
C_Current_12C515Yes - Untested
Custom Wireless Air Flow/Velocity Sensor517PR55-24V_MAYA
Custom Wireless Vibration Sensor With Wire Draw Sensor519PR55-59_GEOYes - Untested5Min
Custom 6 Channel Current Temp Humid Sensor520PR55-59_6C
Yes - Untested10Sec
Custom 3 Channel Light Sensor521PR55-59_LS
Yes - Untested10Sec
SDI Multi Soil Probe524PR55-81_SDI
Yes - Untested10Sec
Custom Noise Sensor531PR55-59_LS
Yes - Untested10Sec
Custom Wireless CO2 sensor535PR55-81_CO2Yes - Untested5Min
Custom Wireless Vibration Sensor 537PR55-67A_CSYes - Untested5Min
Custom Wireless RS485 IO-Link538PR55-88I5Min
Wireless Modbus Sensor539PR55-88D5Min

Wireless IoT Transmitter - Hardware Revision History

10-27-2023GInitial Release Revision

Wireless IoT Transmitter - Manual Revision History

10-27-2023AInitial Release Revision

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