Facility & Industrial IoT Water Detect Sensor

IoT Water Detect Sensor

Water leaks, great or small, can and will have a lasting impact on your business or facility if not detected very quickly. NCD’s Industrial IoT Water Detect Sensor can quickly send notifications if your business or facility has a water leak of any kind – be it from a small source, such as a leaky pipe or faucet, or a large source such as a significant pipe break, or any other kind of flooded space. Using preventative maintenance measures such as IoT Water Detect Sensors can protect your facility from catastrophe. 

IoT Water Detect Sensor

NCD’s IoT Water Detect Sensor is a tool that allows the user to detect moisture of any kind. These types of devices are essential to any type of facility, that has a chance of a water leak, water main break, pipe burst, or other chance of water damage and liability. Large facility pipes tend to corrode quicker than that of residential pipes (simply due to the amount of use) which can cause punctures and perforations in the pipes, as well as a disintegration of thread sealants. 

An excess amount of water or moisture in any building can lead to various health and safety issues, such as rot, mold and mildew, and infestation of unwanted parasites. Also, depending on the business or facility being overseen, there could be significant damage to the building, assets and machinery, product and inventory, electronics, and even personal property. 

Some sources of industrial and commercial water leaks can be from 

  • Water valves that experience overpressure and exceed safety standards
  • Wastewater system piping and drainage that transport said wastewater to proper sewage locations
  • Connections for commercial freezers and refrigeration systems
  • Connectors for commercial water and soda and other drink dispensers 

Water leaks, if left unidentified, can manifest in a variety of ways. Eventually pools of water can be noticed, as well as uncommon odors, moisture streaking on paint and walls, and even sagging ceilings in serious cases. With NCD’s IoT Water Detect Sensor, these cases can be caught early – saving time, money, resources, and assets.

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