How To Update Sensor Firmware

In order to update the firmware you will need 

1. USB to Serial Converter ( for ease of use, use ncd USB serial programmer) 
2. Windows PC
USB-Serial Driver (CP210x VCP Windows)

Step 1 — Download the upload too Binary file (Keep the Folder path Length as short as possible)

Step 2 — Connect the Sensor board to PC using a USB to serial. On the Sensor board the connector J15 is the USB to serial

Step 3 — The script will ask for a serial port. Sect the serial port of your USB-Serial Converter

Step 4 — Put the board in bootloader mode. to do that hold the “CFG” button and press release “RST” button and then release “CFG” button

Step 5 — Execute the “RUN” script

Script will clear out old code and will upload the new code. once code is uploaded, remove the USB to serial and power cycle the unit