How to update Micro Gateway Firmware

  1. Install Python 3
    • Visit for instructions
  2. Install PySerial
    • Visit for instructions
  3. Download Silicon Labs Driver
    • Visit for instructions
  4. Download the Python Script
    • Visit
    • Select “Clone or download” button
    • Select “Download ZIP”
    • Unzip the file
  5. Run the script
    • Windows
      • Double click run.bat
    • Linux
      • Run through the terminal
    • Select the COM Port of your Gateway
    • Select the Firmware for the Modem


If the script fails to connect to the device during the flashing process run the script again.  Once the script is attempting to connect to the sensor it will print ……_____………_____ repeatedly.  Press and hold the RST button on the device.  As soon as …….. finishes printing but before the _____ starts printing release the RST button.  This should allow the script to connect to the device and flash the firmware.