How to Export and Import Configuration File for N-Button

N-Button software allows you to export and import devices configuration and buttons or widgets’ setting. It will be much easier to save or switch the settings.

Once N-Button Lite or Pro is launched, N-Button icon will be shown on Windows task bar. It’s at the lower right corner of your screen. When you want to save your configuration for devices and created Buttons or widgets, just right-click the N-Button icon to show the Pop-up Menu.

Click Export Config File to show Save As dialog.

Input the file name (Here is MyButtons).

After clicking Save button, all configuration will be saved to a  *.nbc file and a *.files fold (Here are the MyButtons.nbc file and MyButtons.files fold.)

Please make sure both the .nbc file and .files folder are always together!

Actually, the *.nbc file is index file, the *.files fold includes all detail information about configuration.


If you want to send your N-Button Lite/ Pro configuration to others, be sure to send both of the *.nbc file and a *.files fold . It’s better you Zip them together.

When you want to import configuration for N-Button Lite/Pro, right-click the N-Button icon to show the Pop-up Menu.

Click Import Config File to show Open dialog. Just select the *.nbc file to open it. All configuration will be loaded directly.

Please make sure the *.files fold is together with the *.nbc file.