Fusion & ProXR UXP Port Pinout

The following illustration shows the UXP port on both the main controller and the expansion device as seen from the edge of the circuit board.  The UXP port is used to carry Analog or Digital Input/Output signals across a ribbon cable 6 inches in length.  The -7VDC shown in this illustration is no-longer valid, as this pin was originally used on the Ultra series controllers, a limited production predecessor to Fusion and ProXR UXP controllers.  Each I/O is limited to 0-5VDC.  Analog inputs are limited to 8 or 10-bit resolution (software selectable).  Exceeding this voltage range will damage the CPU on the main controller.  Fusion controllers have two UXP ports while ProXR is limited to one UXP port.  We strongly advise limiting the cable length between the main controller and external expansion boards as much as possible.

Electrical Characteristics

  • +12VDC is rated for 250ma resistive load only
  • +5VDC is rated for 100ma resistive load only
  • Digital I/O Lines are limited to sourcing or sinking 20ma
  • All I/O Lines are pulled High (default) or Low using a 10K resistor and on-board jumper