The UXP expansion port found on ProXR series controllers (equipped with a UXP port) support contact closure inputs.  These controllers allow you to connect buttons, switches, motion detectors, or any other type of contact closure input to your relay controller.  UXP series controllers are able to be read the contact closure inputs based on a polled protocol.  Polling is the process of asking the controller the current state of the contact closure inputs and receiving a reply.  Push notification is not supported for any UXP expansions.  Since inputs on this expansion will not accept voltages on the inputs, users should exercise caution when connecting external devices.

The following commands demonstrate how to read contact closure inputs from ProXR controllers equipped with UXP hardware and firmware.  A Bank (B) of 8 inputs is read for each request.  Each of 8 inputs is represented in standard byte format as part of the data returned (R) from the controller.  The Most Significant Bit of the returned data (R) represents Input 8 while the Least Significant Bit of the returned data (R) represents input 1.

CK = Checksum (00-FF)
B = Bank
R = Read Value from Controller
AA03FEAF005ARead Contact Closure Input Bank 1AA0100AB
AA03FEAF015BRead Contact Closure Input Bank 2AA0100AB
AA03FEAF025CRead Contact Closure Input Bank 3AA0100AB
AA03FEAF035DRead Contact Closure Input Bank 4AA0100AB
AA03FEAF045ERead Contact Closure Input Bank 5AA0100AB

Users may also request more than one bank at a time by specifying a start bank (S) and a count (C).  The start (S) bank is a value from 0 to 255 and the count (C) bank is a value of 0 to 31.  The Count (C) is added to the start bank, so the first example should be interpreted to mean: Read Contact Closure Inputs Starting (S) with Bank 0 and add a count (C) of 2 more banks for a total of 3 banks (24 total inputs).

CK = Checksum (00-FF)
S = Start Bank
C = Count Banks Above Start
R = Read Value from Controller
-- = Skip
AA04FEAF00025DStart at Bank 0 and Read 2 More BanksAA03000000--------AD
AA04FEAF01035FStart at Bank 1 and Read 3 More BanksAA0400000000------AE
AA04FEAF020461Start at Bank 2 and Read 4 More BanksAA050000000000----AF
AA04FEAF030563Start at Bank 3 and Read 5 More BanksAA06000000000000--B0
AA04FEAF040665Start at Bank 4 and Read 6 More BanksAA0700000000000000B1