This tutorial will help you learn to use our Base Station graphical user interface to control ProXR USB Relay Controllers.  Base Station is the software we use to demonstrate the features of our devices.  Base Station works by identifying the controller.  This software will generate a list of compatible control panels and demonstrate each individual feature.  This tutorial will display the bytes of data required to control our entire line of USB Relay Controllers.  This makes integration into your own software effortless, regardless of language or platform.  NCD USB Relay Controllers will act as a virtual com port on your PC.  Simply open the port and send your data to begin controlling relays.  Download Base Station Software from // Base Station software is compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 10.  The latest Dot NET framework must be installed when working with older operating systems.

USB Relay Controllers: A Complete Tutorial

This tutorial covers all ProXR series controllers.  We will be using USB ProXR and ProXR Lite Series controllers for this tutorial.   Base Station software supports other interface technologies.  USB Controllers mount as a Virtual COM port on your computer.  Most Windows PCs include the drivers necessary to talk to our controllers; however, a comprehensive list of supported drivers and operating systems are available at

Once the controller is plugged into the USB port of your computer, the USB LED should light on the USB interface module plugged into the controller.  If this light does not illuminate, your computer has not properly enumerated the USB driver (please see the link above install the latest drivers).

Communications to any NCD controller is as easy as sending bytes out the serial port.  The default baud rate for all USB devices we manufacture is 115.2K Baud, 8 Data Bits, 1 Stop Bit, No Parity. NCD controllers expect to receive raw bytes of data for best possible speed. For this reason, common terminal programs should only be used in a way that supports raw data bytes rather than ASCII. The tables in this guide are shown in Hexadecimal values by default with an option to display commands in decimal values using a button above each table labeled “Show as Decimal”. All NCD ProXR class controllers are speak when spoken to. Send a command and receive a response. The Hex values shown should be sent out the communications port (TX Portion of the table) and the controller will respond (RX Portion of the table).