USB Relay control is a relatively broad term.  We have created many devices that help focus USB relay control into a more specific application.  Here is an overview of the devices we have manufactured to help guide you into the right devices for your specific USB relay switching application:

ProXR Lite is a popular choice for entry level users who need the ability to control up to 8 relays.  ProXR Lite is available with many relay control options, offering solid state, high-power switching, and low-power signal switching.  ProXR Lite controllers are available with a USB interface that may be removed and upgraded as your needs change.  ProXR Lite controllers include eight analog to digital converters, with programmable 8-bit or 10-bit resolution.  Analog to Digital converters (ADCs) are useful for monitoring many kinds of analog sensors, including temperature, light, magnetic switch sensors, and much more.  The ADCs can me mapped to directly control relays for manual relay control applications.

ProXR series are a popular choice for industrial relay control and switching applications.  ProXR series controllers are expandable, allowing many relays to chain together.  With firmware support for 512 relays, ProXR series are the choice for many industrial applications, as chips may be changed if damaged.  ProXR series controllers always include an XR expansion port, allowing easy chaining of XR series relay expansion boards.  ProXR series are available with a USB interface, or you may remove the USB interface and upgrade the controller to other communication technologies as your needs change.  ProXR series controllers are also available in two hardware/firmware varieties: AD and UXP.

The AD version of a ProXR series controllers include analog to digital inputs, just as the ProXR Lite series relays.

The UXP version of the ProXR series controllers include a UXP expansion port instead of ADCs.  The UXP expansion port can be used to interface contact closure input detectors, up to 48 12-Bit analog to digital inputs, or potentiometer output expansion boards.  The UXP series does not have the ability to map external expansions for direct relay control applications.

The Taralist series USB relay controllers are ideal for time scheduling applications.  The Taralist series include a real time clock and the ability to process up to 999 time activation events.  Taralist controllers are better suited for “set and forget” applications, but some basic relay control functions are available to override the time schedule when needed.  USB is a popular choice for our Taralist series relay controllers, but the USB interface may be removed and replaced should your application requirements change.

The Fusion series USB relay controllers are the most powerful relay control devices we manufacture.  Fusion series controllers include an extended ProXR command set, allowing more commands to control relays.  Fusion series also include our 3rd generation Taralist time schedule functions, allowing more functions for relay control using a time schedule.  Fusion series relay controllers also include extensive Reactor functions, allowing you to configure analog inputs for complex relay control functions without programming.  Use contact closure inputs to cycle through relays, activate timers and much more.  Fusion controllers are the most expandable controllers we manufacture, offering two communication module interface ports, each of which may be configured for USB, Bluetooth, RS-232, Ethernet, Web-i (Ethernet web page), WiFi, or long-range industrial wireless.  Fusion series controllers include a I²C port, allowing access to current monitoring, temperature and humidity sensors, pressure sensors, and much more.