Scratchpad Memory is used to store 8 user defined bytes of data.  Scratchpad Memory can be used for anything, such as a location, serial number, or other type of identifier.  The values stored do not affect the operation of the controller, as this memory is specifically for user-defined purposes.  Please note, the controller MUST be set to Configuration mode to write to Scratchpad Memory.  The following commands will demonstrate reading and writing data from scratchpad memory.  Memory Location (L) and the return Value (V) are identified in the table below:

L = Memory Location (01-08)
V = Value (00-FF)
CK = Checksum (00-FF)
AA03FE3301DFRead Location 1AA0101AC
AA03FE3302E0Read Location 2AA0102AD
AA03FE3303E1Read Location 3AA0103AE
AA03FE3304E2Read Location 4AA0104AF
AA03FE3305E3Read Location 5AA0105B0
AA03FE3306E4Read Location 6AA0106B1
AA03FE3307E5Read Location 7AA0107B2
AA03FE3308E6Read Location 8AA0108B3

The following commands demonstrate how to write data to Scratchpad Memory.  Memory Location (L) has a possible value of 1 through 8 while Data (V) has a possible value of 0 to 255 (8-Bit).

L = Memory Location (01-08)
V = Value (00-FF)
CK = Checksum (00-FF)
AA04FE340101E1Write Location 1AA015500
AA04FE340202E2Write Location 2AA015500
AA04FE340303E3Write Location 3AA015500
AA04FE340404E4Write Location 4AA015500
AA04FE340505E5Write Location 5AA015500
AA04FE340606E6Write Location 6AA015500
AA04FE340707E7Write Location 7AA015500
AA04FE340808E8Write Location 8AA015500