Toggle commands are used to toggle the state of a relay.  If a relay is off, the relay will activate when the toggle command is sent.  Similarly, if the toggle command is sent again, the relay turn off.

Toggle commands will require ProXR V3.9 firmware or later.
R = Relay
CK = Checksum (00-FF)
AA05FE2F000001DDToggle Relay 1AA015500
AA05FE2F010001DEToggle Relay 2AA015500
AA05FE2F020001DFToggle Relay 3AA015500
AA05FE2F030001E0Toggle Relay 4AA015500
AA05FE2F040001E1Toggle Relay 5AA015500
AA05FE2F050001E2Toggle Relay 6AA015500
AA05FE2F060001E3Toggle Relay 7AA015500
AA05FE2F070001E4Toggle Relay 8AA015500