The following commands will set and activate a timer.

Relay Timers offer even deeper functionality, as they may also be paused or resumed at any time.  Similarly, relay timers may be set, but not activated until a later time.  Reading the status and remaining time of timers is also possible using the timer command set.

T = Timer
HR = Hours
MN = Minutes
SC = Seconds
R = Relay
CK = Checksum
AA07FE32320000050018Relay 0 On for Duration of 5 Seconds using Timer 0AA015500
AA07FE3246000005002CPulse Relay 0 using Timer 0 after 5 SecondsAA015500
AA07FE323300000A001ERelay 0 On for Duration of 10 Seconds using Timer 1AA015500
AA07FE324700000A0032Pulse Relay 0 using Timer 1 after 10 SecondsAA015500
AA07FE32410100001F42Relay 31 On for Duration of 1 Hour using Timer 15AA015500
AA07FE3255010000174EPulse Relay 23 using Timer 15 after 1 HourAA015500
AA07FE323D000A00153DRelay 21 On for Duration of 10 Min. using Timer 11AA015500
AA07FE3254001400165FPulse Relay 22 using Timer 14 after 20 MinutesAA015500

The following example commands demonstrate various timer features: