The commands below set the active status of all 16 timers.  Timers are either active or inactive, in other words, they are running (counting down), or they are paused (not counting down).  LSB and MSB are 16-bit binary values used to define the active state of each of the 16 timers.  When a specific timer is set active, all other timers are set as inactive.  When working with the above commands, make sure you always take into account that any bits not set will deactivate the associated timer, and may inadvertently deactivate any timers that may be running.  It’s also important to note the above commands will not cancel a timer, they will simply pause a timer.

LSB = Least Significant Byte
MSB = Most Significant Byte
T = Timer
HR = Hours
MN = Minutes
SC = Seconds
R = Relay
CK = Checksum
AA05FE3283FEFE60Activate All TimersAA015500
AA05FE3283000062Deactivate All TimersAA015500
AA05FE3283010063Activate Timer 1 Deactivate All OthersAA015500
AA05FE32838000E2Activate Timer 8 Deactivate All OthersAA015500
AA05FE3283000163Activate Timer 9 Deactivate All OthersAA015500
AA05FE32830080E2Activate Timer 16 Deactivate All OthersAA015500